2000-2001Season Log

The 2000-2001 Season.

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Remember Does anyone out there pray, from my last season review? Romans 8:28 "And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose." I gave away a mono to bless another in obedience to what I felt the Lord was telling me to do. I thank God for blessing me with a new mono-ski, the REVOLUTION Pro Comp.

01-19-2001, Head's up for Kidney problem Click here
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4-25-2001 I take to the Sky in a Glider

4-20-22-2001 Abilites Expo

4-14-2001 Day 30, Hunter NY, My season End's

4-11-2001 29th. Day, Hunter NY

4-7-2001 28th. Day, SkiWindham NY

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Wrapping up the season at Ski Windham NY. All season I wanted to hook up with my friend John . He is a great mono-skier and teacher who just passed his PSIA level 3 alpine exam. Way to go John! I was on the snow about 8:35am in some thick fog. The first ride up the lift was like being in a weird white dream. The visibility was just a bit further then one chair. Skiing was a bit unnerving not being able to see the whole trail. A tip for skiing in fog is to stay close to the tree line for reference, and try to slow down. After a few runs I hooked up with I-Tia Lu and his son at the lift and we skied some runs together. We stopped for some pictures in the fog, then just skied run after run until the fog lifted. We found some small bumps to play on, and met up with John. We skied a few more runs and then headed in for lunch. All day I skied my Head Cyber Cross Ti 180cm. This is a great ski with a lot to offer. It is stable at speed, soft in bumps, and has great edge control. After lunch it was back to the mono skis. John mounted up his snow board with the TD5000 mounting system. I-Tia John and myself took to the snow to dig some trenches. It was fun to chase John following his line. I got my ski right in his line and used his trench for banked turns. Here is John kicking it up a notch on lower wheelchair. After a few cruisers with Steve and Ronnie, Steve and I headed for some steeps. It's nice to have a choice and a great view. Steve and I skied until 4pm. I racked up 28,855 vertical feet in 22 runs. To spite fog and some drizzle it was a great day skiing with John and some new friends.

4-4-2001 27th. Day, Hunter NY

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Spring skiing with the NJ Ski Bums. Bill and I rode up to meet with the core group of diehard ski bus, and all the rest of the mountain diehards. It was a bit cool in the morning with hard fast corduroy conditions. I found out the shock I was using, the one with the adjustable rebound, was a bit shorter then my first shock. This coupled with a progressive link will result in a lower ride height. Also my first shock did not lose pressure or go bad. The top main shock bolt and the third link rod end in my suspension was bent, again with a link suspension small changes from bent parts equal big differences in ride and performance. I replaced the bent parts and put the original shock back on. I also removed the lift assist latch because it was the culprit to this problem. You see, if the latch engages unexpectedly the shock becomes inactive and all the load goes to the linkage. The impact from a big jump could cause the lift latch to engage, in my case it did. I used a rubber band to hold it down and it worked fine, but I don't like the idea of using a rubber band so I removed the latch. Loading an RPC is still a snap with or with out the lift latch. The suspension and mono are working great. I got on the lift about five to nine and started my day on my Head Cyber Cross Ti with the Freedom Factory Monster binding. I skied run after run like this. Launching off walls and catching air wherever I could find it. Late morning things started to soften up and I headed to the bumps on Racers Edge with Bobby Jack. What a blast! One thing about late season skiing, the lines are much better because the better diehard skiers are cutting the lines. The sun was out and the temps were on the way up. For lunch with the ski bums, Bill, our gourmet cook and wine connoisseur, prepared a spread fit for a king. It was our end of the season spring, sun deck lunch, with great food and friends. This is the ski club to join if you are from NJ and can ski on Wednesday. After lunch I tried a new ski. An Elan SCX 15 173cm. With a Marker m38 binding. I skied two cruisers and then headed for the bumps. The shorter ski was a bit weak at speed but still quite manageable. Bobby Jack, Ed and I headed over to ski 44. The first run was great. Big soft bumps from end to end top to bottom. The short ski was turning great all though it was a little on the soft side. Ed and I decided to do it again. Heading into the trail I opted to take another little cut through. It was a narrow little chute through the trees that spit you out into a big hole. I went into the hole I heard a crack pop, my ski came off and I stopped dead in my track. We put the ski back on and I headed down the monstrous 44 with a broken back binding. Ed and I took some pictureson the way down. I popped out of the ski another five of six times. But the run was beautiful. The west side of Hunter in the afternoon is sunny and beautiful. A ski patroller called down and had my other ski sent to the summit. All I had to do was make it to chair lift. Here is Ed riding the chair behind me. At the summit it was a beautiful site. There stood this tall ski patroller with a smile holding my cyber cross in his hand. We swapped skis and headed for the bumps. This was by far my best day skiing bumps. I was dialing into some great lines and linking up some great groups of turns. I still don't rock the same line for top to bottom yet, but my lines are getting longer and longer. The west side closed at 3:30, an absolute crime for a day like this. We headed for the front and racked up a few more runs before meeting at our usual end of the season camp site. Every one sits in the snow and has a drink until the sweepers come and chase us off the hill. Some hit Racers, others Ike and Gun hill. I hit the park. From the top of the park it was a beautiful site. Not a soul around, just me in my big white room. I carved right down the middle and launched into the pipe, got a few nice slide turns on the wall of the pipe and hit the next set of rollers. At the last roller I targeted in on the finial kicker and launched for some nice air. What a way to end such a great day. I skied up to my chair and got out of my mono about 4:30 after racking up 39,060 vertical feet in 26 runs. It's been a great season, but it's not over yet. Be Blessed!

03-29-2001 26th. Day, Ski Windham NY

Product review for programs. I have received some great products over this season. Some of you out there have some good ideas to help the adaptive sport community. Keep it up, and thanks. I brought some products up to Ski Windham to show what is available for the adaptive ski program. The Mountain Mama Ski Warp and the the Vulpine Outerwear Access mittens and boots. I also brought along my mono-ski design and some of the mono-boots for the Grove mono-ski. I met with Ronnie and Frank for a morning chat and product review. Then Ronnie and I headed over to the equipment room to put a new shock in the RPC. My friend and adaptive skiing teacher George was taking Manuela a bi-skier out for a day of fun, so I offered the Vulpine access mittens for her to try. They worked out great and she liked them. I think every adaptive skiing program should get a pair of each size. I have been learning a lot about the setup and the linkage on the RPC. I will be posting some info in the Tech-Tips section. I got into the RPC that belongs to the program after putting the shock in it. This is the same mono that I reviewed last year and I wanted one. It did feel much different then the first time I skied it. This brings me to another issue. That is one of equipment maintenance and care in adaptive programs. I feel that only one person in the program should have the authority to work on equipment. But I will discuss that in another section of this site. The ride height on this mono was too high for me. I skied it fine, but the high forward position was hurting my back so I jumped into mine after a few runs. Why was it so different? You got me. We skied all over the mountain. The conditions were great and the weather was holding out. The forecast called for rain, but we got some flurries instead. Ronnie headed in for a meeting and I was on my own to carve it up. I skied some bumps and found some jumps. I hooked up with George, Manuela (in the Bi-ski) and Maureen for a run. We stopped to strike a pose and get this pic. It was great to meet and ski with them. I packed it up early to head home. On the way I was invited to stop at my friends the Goodman's for some food and a chat. It was the perfect ending to a great day. Be Blessed, see you in my next post.

03-28-2001 25th. Day, Hunter Mountain NY

The Ski bums run the final bus of the season and Gus and I are on it. Only fourteen people on the bus. But we don't care. If there is money in the club we run the bus. Nick Amold came over to meet us and free ski for the day. Nick is a level two adaptive instructor at Holiday Valley in NY and he is a great mono-skier. My day had it's share of problems. First off, the ride height in my mono is still a little low. I did figure out part of the problem. The new shock is a little shorter then the old one. With a progressive link suspension a small difference in shock length will make a change to the ride height. Couple that with improper shock adjustment and you are in the back seat, or riding a lot lower. The ride height was not bad, I was still able to ski with no problems, but my comfort zone was off a tad. We still rocked the mountain and I started to trash some skis. First off I was testing an Atomic Beta Ride 8.20 180cm. This is a fun ski with great edge control. It has a nice snap out of the turn. The conditions were hard pack and ice, but the beta ride rocks right through it. Too bad I broke the ski on a jump. The key to a table top jump is to clear the top and land on the down side. It seems scary to hit such a big jump fast but the landing is so much better when you clear the top. I landed on the top from about five feet up and cracked the ski under the front binding. I switched to the Atomic Beta Ride 9.22 180cm wide body. It took a few runs to get use to the wide body. But once I did it was great fun. It is a bit slower then the 8.20 to engage the turn but not bad. This ski is a carver. It had a good strong edge and a nice camber. Too bad I got freight trained by my buddy Gus. I was skiing a nice tight line down the left side of Hell Gate about ten feet from the edge. I cut a left turn to get to the edge of the trail so I can line up for a jump and BLAM! Almost lights out. All I know is I am down and something hurt. It was a pain from my neck down to my hips. I was on my right side with my right arm and rigger pinned under me and it was hard to move. My ski is pointing straight down the fall line and my buddy Gus is a flat out yard sale in front of me. I come to find out he was following my line turn for turn too close and gaining speed. The moment he decided to pass me on my left, I turned left and he hit me broad side and flipped over my head. Thank God for the Angels sent out to protect the hairs of salvation. Both of us could have been hurt, but we were okay. However my back binding was a little lose. Time for another ski. It's a good thing I bring four skis every time I go skiing. Next up is my Atomic Beta Race 9.22 180cm. I like this ski but it could have used a tune. The edges were a little dull for the conditions. On the second run I hit a nice little jump and came down on the tip. The next thing I know I am laying on my side with my ski next to me pointing the wrong way. I pulled the back binding right out of the ski. This brings me to an issue I have with Atomic skis. I love the skis. Atomic makes a great ski. But foam core skis do not hold binding screws as well as say wood core skis. Use inserts if you can. I put inserts in my TEN EX and I have not had a problem yet. So next up was my forth ski. Gus skied down with my 9.22 in one hand and my binding in the other. Nick and I just hung out and waited. We mounted the Atomic Ten Ex and skied the rest of the day. We skied 24,945 feet of vertical in 16 runs. The sun did come out the last hour of skiing making the end of the day beautiful. It was great to ski with Nick. He was pointing out areas of my skiing that could use some improvement. Mostly body position issues. My neck was a little sore for the ride home, but all in all it was a great day.

03-23-2001 24th. Day, Blue Mountain PA

03-21-2001 23rd. Day, Hunter Mountain NY

The Ski bums meet again, on the bus. This was the day for shooting some video. I met with Joe, my camera man for the day and we hit the snow. I was trying a new shock and did not have it quite dialed in. We made some adjustments to the shock but it still did not feel the same as my other one. I came to the conclusion that my ride height was lower do to a shorter spring and not enough pre load. All in all it worked fine. I skied bumps and jumps, cruisers and bruisers. And we got it all on video. I used a Head Super Cyber Cross 180cm in the morning and Cyber Cross Ti in the afternoon. Both skis are great. The weather was typical for Hunter with passing clouds turning to a flurry then a full blown snow storm. We shot video until the fog rolled in. With the fog and snow combined the visibility was pretty poor. The fog lifted leaving clouds and sleet. I called it a day at 3:45. We skied 12,425 feet of vertical in 14 runs and got some great video. I thank Joe for all his help shooting this video. Be Blessed!

03-17-2001 22nd. Day, Mountain Creek NJ

03-14-2001 21st. Day, Hunter NY

On the Bus with Ski Bums. The weather was good. Cold enough to flurry all day yet warm enough to make a great day. The conditions were hard pack and fast. I started the day skiing with Lisa and Steve. I was testing a K2 MODX Pro 195cm. Too much ski for me. It was very stable, but I needed to work the ski more then I care to. I would love to try the same ski in a 174 or 181cm. After three runs I wanted to switch. Steve and Lisa helped swap my ski and we were back on the lift in no time, Next up was a Fischer Revolution Super Control 188cm. Fast, lean and mean. A little soft for the hard pack but I was not complaining. What a switch from the 195cm. It was like going from a truck to a corvett. Quick snappy turns with great edge control, and it holds well at speed. It's a keeper. I like skiing with Lisa and Steve. They don't stop skiing. Top to bottom and back on the lift. Rack them up and have fun, "Ski fast or be last" as Lisa would put it. After lunch I switched to the ELAN MX 2000 193cm. I found it a little too long for this strong of a ski. I would love to ski this in a 178, or a 183cm. It did not engage as quick as I like for short radius turns, but at speed this ski rocks. A strong fast ski. When you roll it on edge you going for a ride. Very cool, I had a lot of fun racking up the vertical with this ski 43,195 in 28runs. All in a day's work, keep the waked side down and ski safe!

03-12-2001 NJ Ski Counsel Meeting

The NJ Ski Counsel invited me to give a talk about adaptive skiing. The ski counsel graciously donated funds to the special Olympics, The ski Windham adaptive ski program and also VASS. The presentation went very well, many questions were asked and answered. I want to thank the NJ ski counsel for their funding, interest and concerns to help adaptive skiing.

03-10-2001 20th Day, Hunter NY

Another powder day. My wife and I headed up the night before for the annual Lyons-Sambora Ski Race at Hunter. Picture here.The snow started mid day Friday and by Saturday morning another foot of powder was on the mountain. I used the Volkl P40 F1 183cm for the race. Big picture here. It was a late start for the race so my buddy Tim and I free skied for a while. It was powder and face shots every where. The bumps formed quick but it was soft and a lot of fun. I skied my run for the race just after noon. It was a nice little course on a blue and I skied a nice line. I was the only mono-skier in the over nineteen category so I took the gold. My big win for the day was not so much the race as it was adding Westway to my conquered list. Westway is a double black bad boy on the west side of Hunter. Steep, long and bumped. The kicker was that I skied half of the run with a broken ski. I think I am getting the hang of this mono-ski thing. A few weeks ago I put a kink in my Volkl. A few of the big bumps turned that kink into a cracked, bent ski. It was not engaging as fast as I would have liked it to for such a steep bump run. But I did pull it off. It was a great day to work on bumps and powder. A lot of work, we skied only 16,300 vertical in 12 runs, but who is counting. My skiing is getting well rounded. I am skiing terrain I would not be skiing if it was not for the Revolution Pro Comp mono-ski.

03-07-2001 19th Day, Hunter NY

After the snow storm of the century which amounted to a dusting in most of NJ. We headed north to find the real snow. Hunter received 26" of fresh powder and we were there to carve it up and pack it down. I was skiing a new ski. The Atomic 10.EX 183cm this is more then a mid fat, this is a extra-wide freeride ski with unsurpassed stability in steep, extreme terrain while delivering easy turning characteristics on groomed slopes. I skied powder and bumps all day. I have been practicing short turns most of the season and it paid off on this day. There were many bumps on every trail, big soft fluffy bumps. It was a blast. You would think it was a weekend from the crowd, but most of them quit early do to the work out from the conditions. It got scraped off by the end of the day but there was still plenty of powder to be found. Even with the all the bump runs my day totaled 29,975 vertical in 20 runs. I would say this was my best day for skiing consistent good lines. I never had so much fun skiing moguls before. I did hit the big kicker in the park a few times, I hope the picture came out. It was a day to remember at Hunter.

02-28-2001 18th Day, Hunter NY

On the way back from Vermont Gus and I wanted to catch a day at Hunter for some rip it up skiing. My friend Kirsty has a place near the mountain and offered it to us to stay the night. This cut our drive home in half and made it easy to get first tracks. We were on the chair at 8:40 am. The conditions were great. It was a cold day and the Hunter snow making team was on it, keeping the mountain the best around. We made fresh tracks down mid station skiing on velvet. I started the day on a Volkl P30 SL 193cm. This is the ski I used the first time I tried the RPC. It had a good snap and a great edge, but I am now a fan of shorter skis. We skied the steeps of Hunter all morning and racked up about thirteen runs before lunch. I switched to my Elan X2000 188cm to finish off the day. The temps dropped and the powder was getting scraped away, but I was having a blast, so I started to rack up the runs. I quit at 3:30 with 36,365 feet of vertical in 23 runs. It was a great ending to a great trip.

02-25-27-2001 Days 15-17, Mount Snow VT.

02-21-2001 14th Day, Hunter NY

As for conditions, I skied the best day of the year last week, and the worst this week. Eighteen at the summit twenty-something at the base. Some wind, snowing on and off with snow guns blasting all over the mountain to try and cover the solid ice that was everywhere. After two or three runs on the boiler plate ice. I had to switch from the Elan X2000 to my Volkl. My Elan needs a tune and edges were a bit dull. My Volkl P40 F1 183cm was fresh out of the shop with sharp edges. It was a cold brutal day. I was at the summit by 9:30am. Very fast very slick conditions. But lots of fun if you know how to ski ice. We searched the mountain for some snow. I did find a few spots. The snow guns did a good job at covering the ice and by the late afternoon the conditions were getting better, but it was getting colder. I called it a day at 3:45, I was tempted to go for last chair but I could not feel my nose so I headed in. I did manage to clock up 30,770 ft. of vertical in 19 runs. I am impressed with the 183cm Volkl. I thought the shorter might not hold up at speed on ice, but it held up like a champ. The P40 F1 rules the ice. I did add the torso belt and it does give e a little more stability when lifting my riggers in the air and riding the ski. But it did limit my upper body a bit. So I am still working with it. I did make my way to the park and hit that table top again. And again!, I am clearing the top and landing on the downhill side. Very cool! We tried to shoot some video but the weather was not helping. All in all, it was a great day. Harsh conditions make better skiers. Be Blessed, ski safe.

02-14-2001 13th Day, Hunter NY

Good news gang. The results of the renal scan came back and my left kidney is back on-line. Thank's for the prayers, God is Good! All the time! What better way to celebrate then to rack up the runs. And I did. To spite some afternoon rain this was one of the best days of the season. I picked up Steve Goodman and Bobby Jack in Somerville, and we headed north. I was on the lift at 9:30. My Elan X2000 was the ski of choice for the day. I am use to this ski and skiing it well. I was not up for ski testing on this day. I just wanted to rock the mountain. I skied most of the morning with Steve, we hooked up with Ed for a few. The snow conditions were great, wet ,soft pack, hero snow. One trail after another it got better and better. I found a few nice jumps. I love getting air with my RPC. The landing it great. After lunch I went out on my own to explore and burn it up. I found ripping down Hell Gate and then launching off the wall at mid station to be most exhilarating. The big table top at the bottom of the park was a blast too. Some of the biggest air yet. I find that I am not as stable as I was last year when lifting my outriggers and riding the ski for a long distance. I think it is because I am not using a torso belt. Next week I will put that theory to the test and try a torso belt. The rain set in around 2:30 but that just cleared the skiers off the hill so I could have the whole mountain to my self. There were a few others out there with me until the end, most of them were ski bums. I burned next to last run and made the lift at 4:00PM on the dot. The lift w as closing but they waved me in and gave me the last chair. The little orange last chair marker was right behind me. My last run was down the front, launching off the mid station wall and heading to the park. One final jump off kicker in the park and I headed in. Bill saw me hit the kicker for the biggest air of the day. I was glad some one saw it. But if not, it felt great anyway. I finished the day with a total of 40,955 feet of vertical in 28 runs. Hands down the REVOLUTION Pro Comp Rules, contact Freedom Factory and order one now. Be Blessed!

02-07-2001 12th Day, Hunter NY

Hi Gang, Thanks for all the kind e-mail and best wishes. I am feeling better. Good enough to get on the slopes and do some skiing. I had my second renal scan on Monday the 5th. No results yet, but a day of skiing will not through off the results now. There was no bus this week so the NJ ski Bums car pooled. Bill and I hooked up at 6am and just before 10 we were on the chair lift. I was giving my Atomic 10:20 Beta Ride 190cm a try after a good tuning. Being my first day back on the hill in a few weeks I wanted to take it easy, and testing a new ski was not working out. I found the 10:20 needed me to stay on top of it. If you roll it on edge it carves like a dream, but the quick snappy turns I like eluded me. If I kept skiing the ski I would have got use to it, but I was not up for the learning curve, I just wanted to take it easy, have fun and relax in the snow. After one run down the belt I switched to my faithful ELAN X2000 and started my day. The conditions were great. Lots of packer powder, some crud and ice. I stayed off the bumps, but did hit some jumps. Well I had to! What do you do when the perfect little bump is in front of you? You nail it square, shoulders back, and smile. My easy day resulted in a total of 16 runs, 23,735 vertical feet at 600 feet per minute. I am waiting on the Doc to give me the results of the test and then we will work on getting rid of the stones. Small pieces of stone have been passing from time to time, and I fell much better. I give God thanks, praise and honor. Onward and upward!

01-17-2001 11th Day, Hunter NY

Another Wednesday and the Ski Bums bus it up to Hunter. I was still not feeling my best, so a nice easy day on snow should do the trick. Starting off on the Atomic 9.26 beat carve 180cm for two runs, but it was not feeling right so I switched to the Atomic 9.20 Beat Race 180cm. This was much better. I rocked all over the mountain. Until I attacked a bumped up Clair's Way. I was tired and it was not pretty, but I did it. After that I stayed on the groomed runs and racked them up. After lunch I switched to the Elan X2000 and started to smoke the mountain. 22 runs and a total of 32,335 vertical feet with a 800 foot per minute rate of descent. I found some nice jumps and hit them every time I could. The suspension on the RPC is just too cool. It sucks up all the bumps and keeps your upper body smooth. To spite not feeling my best I still skied harder then ever trying to get as many runs in as I could as the clock neared four. I'm feeling it now. A little sore, a little beat, but it feels good.

01-16-2001 10th Day, Ski Windham NY

Gus and I head up the Ski Windham for some skiing and a mock mono clinic. We started off the day with a few swift runs down the open groomed cruisers. I was using my ELAN X2000 188cm, this is a great ski with a lot to offer. We hook up the instructors and some mono-skiers. We worked on skidded turns and keeping your riggers in close and tight to your body. We got away from "opening the door" and worked toward more of a rigger push, like a pole plant. The problem with opening the door is that you have to get that rigger back in tight to your mono to set up the next turn. If not you will rotate up hill and over turn skidding your tail and washing out. Will from Mount Snow was giving the demonstration in his mono. In the afternoon we worked on short radius turns and carving. It was a great day of learning and working on our skiing.

01-10-2001 9th Day, Hunter NY

The Ski Bums run the 2nd bus for the season and my buddy John the "R-Man" DeMola takes the trip. It was a cold one at Hunter, but the sun was out and the conditions were great. I skied the Volkl P40 F1 and attacked the mountain to spite a little blood in the urine. I could have sat home, but I was up for a day on snow. I felt better as soon as I got in the bucket. It was John's first day for the season, but he started off with a back and another and another. We racked them up and I was feeling good looking for opportunities to get air. In one case I did get some big air, but I washed the tail on the second bounce. I took to the pipe for the first time of the season. Not too high, but consistent turns. It's fun riding perpendicular to the ground. My fingers started to freeze so we took a lunch break. After lunch I mounted up the Atomic 10.20 Beta Ride. But I never had it tuned and it was not skiing well at all. It would not engage the right turn, but if I rolled It on edge it would carve the turn. The left turn was okay but over all I felt unstable so it was one run from the summit and back to the Volkl. We rocked the mountain right up until the last chair. I crashed on the bus and woke up in NJ. Now that a good day.

01-03-2001 8th Day, Hunter NY

Happy New Year!
The Ski Bums of New Jersey run the first bus of the season to Hunter. It was a good turnout, over thirty on the bus. I guess the twenty nine inches of fresh snow was calling. My Buddy Scott Wilson was meeting me at the mountain for a day of free skiing. Neither one of us knew the mono-skiers equipment plague was about to strike. On the first run around the top of Gun Hill Scott's outrigger ski broke off. Scott, being the man's man that he is, skied it down anyway. I had planned to bring an extra rigger and keep it in my ski bag, but I forgot. Live and learn. Last season I was in the same position Scott was in. I broke a ski, and then my second. I could not ski for the rest on the day. I now bring four skis every time I go. And I will bring the extra rigger. Lets face fellow adaptive skiers. We can't just go to the rental shop and get the gear we need. Call it learning the hard way. Scott and I did it, so you don't have to. Get an extra pair of riggers. If you can't afford it split it with a fellow adaptive skier so you each have one back up. And bring it with you. Sure it is a lot of gear to lug around, but I think the carve is worth it. Okay enough for the public service message. I started the day on a Fischer Alltrax Expedition 193cm mid fat. I like the ski for stable cruising, but I felt it lacked the attack and quick turns, I like in a ski. In the afternoon I switched to a Volkl P40 F1 193cm. Oh Yeah Babe! This ski rocks! First run on the Volkl was a black to another black to a double black, to another double black. Top to bottom faster then ever before with stability to spare. Need I say more? Okay, I will. I attacked the ice like it was fresh snow, and took the high side of every run I skied. The P40 F1 Rules! The conditions were great and the day ended too soon. I was off the snow at 4:15, on the bus at 5 and home at 8:15. I love this sport!

12-27-2000 7th Day, Hunter NY

Merry Christmas gang! My truck broke down Christmas night on the to my Mom's for that great Christmas dinner. Not to worry, Mom came to get us in the Jeep, and we had a great night. The next day I had my truck towed to Franks Automotive in South Plainfield. Franks is the best service station on the planet! But it was a busy time so I would not have my truck in time for the ski trip. Gus and I took the ride to Hunter in his 1975 camaro. The mono-ski in the back seat. My wheelchair hanging out of his trunk, the skis between the bucket seats from front to back and every other open spot had a bag or boot shoved in it. Now that's commitment. It was another cold day with flurries and snow guns. But the conditions were great to spite the holiday crowds. Gus was skiing a pair of Head Cyber Cross and I was on my ELAN X2000. First run was a blue, then a black then a double black. I skied Clair's Way for the first time and nailed it. I tried to ski Annapurna, but it spanked me good. Annapurna is a long, steep, narrow bump run with no bail out. The warning signs you pass on the way in to this tucked away far side trail are a bit intimidating. I had two things against me, well three, going into this run. First, it was close to lunch time and I was a bit tired. Second, it was icy. Third, this trail had pummeled me once before. But I was up for the challenge. Going in it is quite peaceful. The trail is about as wide as a single car drive way with nice snow and small spread out bumps. The once you get past the point of no return the trail drops into a steep mogul run lined with trees. It's zipper line or bust. I did put some nice turns together, but I had trouble controlling my speed in the icy ruts and my spanking began. Thanks to my buddy and fellow ski bum Steve Gottlieb, I was able to get down the trail in one piece. Steve pulled me out of a few deep ruts and encouraged me to keep going. The lower third of Annapurna is sweet, not as steep and the bumps spread out. I linked up some more nice turns and headed for the lift. After lunch we carved up the mountain clocking up the runs. I grabbed last chair with the bums at 3:58 and got out of the bucket at around 4:15. I got these socks for Christmas with a foot warmer pouch over the toes. You put "The Foot Warm-up" packet by HEATMAX in the little pouch and your feet stay warm. They work great, the best I have used, try them. Well, another great day on snow. Have a Happy New Year, Be Blessed and keep it safe. See you next week.

12-22-2000 6th Day, SkiWindham NY

Jimmy invited me up to Windham for a mono and Bi clinic. Ralph and I drove up. I dropped Ralph off at Hunter and I went on to Windham, about eight miles away. I reached the mountain about 8:30 am. Getting my gear up and in the lodge Is a messy event at Windham. I hate pushing around on dirty we parking lots. By time I got in the lodge I was wet, dirty and cold. Jimmy's gang was due at 9 AM. I cleaned up, had some breakfast and set up my mono. At 9:30 I was on the lift. I skied my ELAN X 2000 all day. Run after run, I racked them up. Blue, black, double black. Bumps, jumps, cruisers and humps. I skied alone and I skied with the group. Jimmy and I got to ski some great runs. I hooked up with Rick in his new Yetti Race and we racked up some more runs. It was on /off snowing and cold all day, just the way I like it. I logged over twenty runs for the day and loaded my last chair with Frank from NY at 3:58. We got off the snow around 4:15 and I was pulling out at 4:45 in a snow storm. I picked up Ralph at Hunter at 5:06 and hear I am writing this at 10:42. Life is good, so enjoy life. Have a merry Christmas, never take the CHRIST out of Christmas. He is the reason for the season. Happy Holidays! Be Blessed because God Loves YOU!

12-20-2000 5th Day, Hunter NY

Steve Goodman and I head up for a cold day of snow flurries. I took along my new mono-ski design for some test runs. This mono-ski is a single pivot design like the Shadow. It has adjustable ride height. I was testing it at 16.5" from the snow to the bottom of the bucket. You can lay this mono way over and carve a nice trench. This is a mono-ski that I would like to market in the under $1500.00 range. No bells and whistles, a bucket, shock, frame and boot-mount, just a good strong mono-ski. More info will be posted as testing continues. I skied two runs in the new design, one blue and one black. I tested it on my Salomon Xscream Series 195cm. Rock solid. It skied great, however the back is a bit lower then I like so I logged the data and jumped into my RPC. Transferring from one mono to another on snow next to the lift can be tricky. I angled them together but I still fell over. I should have leaned against the near by fence and things would have gone smoother. I skied the Atomic 9.20 Beta Race 180cm in my RPC for the rest of the morning. I took a daring run down Upper Crossover. One of Hunters short steep bump runs. I nailed it! The RPC and bumps go together like peanut butter and jelly, milk and cookies, franks and beans´┐Ż After lunch I switched to the ELAN X 2000. My friend and co-designed on the new mono-ski design Scott Berwick decided to try the new creation. Scott is able body, over six feet tall and never skied a mono-ski. Well this man is a natural. I was so impressed. He strapped in and pushed him self over to Hunter One, the learning section of the mountain. He told me he had a new appreciation for the whole sitski experience. Tracy, Scott's wife and ski buddy was helping in a big way. Scott linked turns down to the lift and took the lift up. He had a fair share of falls, but kept at it. Tracy thumb tethered him to prevent the falls, and he linked up some nice turns down to the lift. I was so glad that he tried the mono he helped produce. I shot back over to the main mountain and hooked up with Steve for some more runs. I grabbed my last chair at 3:55 and closed the day around 4:15. I am a hooked vertical hound. Hard core non stop skiing from the time I get my first chair until they close the lift, rack up the runs. Keep it safe!

12-13-2000 4th Day, Hunter NY

Another great day on snow. Only a few Bums made it to Hunter this week. Arnel and I drove up for a cold day on powder. We hooked up with Barb and skied all day. I was testing a Fischer RC4 RS 191cm. This is one mean GS ski. It was a job working this ski through the powder and soft pack. But on the slick steep Hard pack this ski comes to life. I carved down Racers Edge linking up turns like a hot knife on butter. Racers is a steep double black on the face of Hunter. After lunch I switched to the ELAN X 2000, this is a great all mountain ski. The powder on Ike was too much fun to be legal. I don't even know how any runs we did, but we closed the lift. I am still finding my comfort zone in my new RPC. Steeps, powder and big air are feeling more and more like home. Another day another twenty something thousand vertical .

12-06-2000 3rd Day, Hunter NY

Bill and I, head up to meet Scott, Steve Gottlieb and some other Bums. It was cold, but the snow was great. I started the day on an ELAN X2000. Scott was testing out the Mono-Boot on his Grove and a twin tip K2. We skied all over the mountain ripping it up. The snow guns were blasting, covering more and more trails. We found a lot of nice powder, each run better then the last. The REVOLUTION is working great. I took to the air a few times now that I got my ski legs back. We found a nice little jump by the lift. It was just what the docter ordered for me to get me feet wet jumping in the RPC. I nit a big one in the park and got a good feel for the forgiving suspension of the Pro Comp. It's time to go HUGE. In the afternoon I switched to the Salomon Xscream Series 195cm and kicked it up a notch. I'm getting faster, and it's fun. The equipment makes all the difference in the world. We finished the day racing the clock for last chair, three runs in less then twenty minutes. We caught last chair at 3:53PM. At the top of Ike, it was getting dark and the moon was out. Steve and I just high fived each other and laughed. Steve pulled off 19 runs and over 30,000 vertical, I was just shy of that. It's official, I'm a vertical hound now.

Scott sent this great review:

Yeah! Man, it really felt great to get out and DO something finally, (I've been healing tendonitis doing nothing for 6 months). Sitski Tom, his New Jersey Ski Bum pals and I had a great day despite temps in the teens; conditions were very good, only a little hardpack here and there. I tried the K2 Enemy with the modified 'boot' on my Grove frame, both performed well, though the 183cm seemed a little lacking for trying to keep up with Tom in his Rev Pro. I wouldn't have caught him with my favorite ski on either, I'm afraid... that thing just sticks to the snow and flies. The suspension on the Rev Pro really performs. Am I gonna hafta get one? Man, I can't afford a new mono! I'll just have to get a headstart on him I guess. Indeed, monoskiing proves to be the most exhilarating thing I have yet found to do out there in this big beautiful world. My first run on Wednesday had me screaming like a banshee with exuberant joyous wails as I carved some lovely bucket-dragging arcs through Hunter's excellent manmade snow on 'Belt Parkway', a long Blue groomer. (Some of the trails there are named after streets in New York City). The day quickly progressed to Black trails like ' Jimmy Heuga's Express' and 'The Cliff' and 'Way Out' and everyone's fave, 'Hellgate' !! But all too quickly, the 6 months of inactivity caught up to me after only about 12 runs, and the 'Enemy' with its fat (phat?) 75mm waist, became tough to get edge-to edge on. tip and tail are 111 and 95. So, I bagged it at 3pm, after only 3 or so hours on snow. Savin' it for another day is what ya gotta say. By thursday nite, I could feel every muscle from top to tail had been taxed! Still, I haven't felt better in months! Here are some points to ponder when you next encounter icy patches: Revert to early training; use a flat ski, and don't be ashamed to skid a turn or two to get past it, then go back to those lovely arcs we all wish for. A slightly lowered, wider stance with riggers will add confidence too. But don't forget to relax! Tensing up reduces your ability to react from a slip. Scotty
Check out Scotty's Tips and Review

11-28-2000 2nd Day, Hunter NY

Bill, Steve Gottlieb, Ralph and I, take to the slopes to get the season under way. The weather was great. Spring like conditions, and the mountain was empty. I was trying a new ski. The Atomic 9.20 Beta Race 180cm. This is the shortest ski I have used so far and it was a blast. Quick turns with great edge control. We got on the snow about 9:30am and skied ten runs before lunch. In the afternoon I was testing the new Monster Binding from Freedom Factory. This is a two piece non release step in binding for mono-skis. No more pinning regular ski bindings. I mounted the Monster binding to an Atomic Beta Carve 9.26 180cm. I skied eight runs hard and fast, and the Monster held up great. I was self loading all day at full speed on a detach quad. As i started to get tired I missed a load or two. One bad blunder and I ended up under the chair. Another near miss, but Steve pulled me back into the chair. The tail of my ski was caught in the skid mat and the ski popped off the mono. The Monster comes with a safety line so it was still attached to me mono. The lift attendant stopped the lift and simply re-attached the ski. Steve and I skied a few more runs and we called it a day at 18runs and over 27,000 ft. vertical. Not bad for only day two on snow.

11-22-2000 1st Day, Hunter NY

Steve Goodman, Ralph and I head up to start another season. It was a late start and I did not get on the snow until about 10 AM. I clicked my new REVOLUTION Pro Comp with the step in binding into my Atomic Beta Carve 9:18 with Marker M38 pinned binding. My buddies stood by as I jumped in the mono and strapped in. My RPC is equipped with the optional lift assist latch. This is a great feature. If lifting is a concern for you, get the lift assist latch. I engage the latch with the flick of a finger, Push up with my riggers and "click" I'm locked and loaded. Loading the lift was a snap, just as easy as any other mono I have skied. On the lift ride up we discussed what would be the first run, a blue or a black. I decided on a blue, after all it was my first run of the year and a new mono. So the wimp factor was voided. It was a chili sixteen degrees at the summit with flurries, but the sun was out and the slopes where empty. The RPC skis like a dream. We rocked from summit to the base on a long blue we call the Belt. On the second run I opted for the black, Hell Gate. I dove in the Gate as if it was the tenth run of the day. No hesitation, no fear, just faith. I rocked the Gate on the high side in my new RPC like I owned it. We took it easy and clocked up the runs. Snow guns were blowing every where. In some places it was like skiing through a sand blaster, but we skied every open trail we could find. Steve had his new digital camera with him and took some pictures. This is a pic form 7th Ave. This is another with Ralph in the background. After six or seven runs we headed in for lunch. After lunch we racked up three more and I was feeling tired. The light was going and it was getting colder. We agreed to call it a day and head home early. I want to thank Steve and Ralph for being my ski buds, I also want to thank Andy and Lynn Tirums from Freedom Factory for designing a true REVOLUTION in mono-ski technology, and most of all I thank Jesus for blessing me with my family and another season. See you on the hill.

11-21-2000 My new mono-ski arrives. A REVOLUTION Pro Comp from the Freedom Factory. Out of the box it is a snap to assemble. Just slip the foot rest in, adjust it and tighten. Tools provided. Freedom Factory is a Class Act.

Well it's time again to hit the slopes. This page will grow through out the season as I tell you my adventures. So come back and send me some e-mail, lets hook up and ski together.

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