2005-2006 Season Log

The 2005-2006 Season.

Ski log from my first day in a mono to now Click Here

4-15-06 season ends

This is not a very accurate season log at all. A lot has happen over the season. Between teaching at ASF the my new gig working as an ambassador at Hunter, it was a very full year. I had some great lessons over the season, from Melanie to Christian to working with the wounded warrior program and race camp. I got to ski with Brandi and also Sarah Will. I tried out some great skis. Over at the Hunter side it was policing the trails, assisting skiers and riders and also ski patrol. The ambassador job is very cool.For the first time we did New Years Eve up at the mountain, and the kids had a great time.


Hey Gang, The 2005-2006 season is here. I will do my best to keep up with this log but each year It seems time gets away from me. My season started off with a free ski days at Hunter on 11-25. Over the summer I completely rebuilt my RPC sitski. New shock, rod ends and nice new powder coat. I was a little stiff and a little taller. I felt out of sorts. Plus it was day one and I am out of shape. The next day I was at Windham for instructor training. We had a great ATS clinic. Cold, snow guns blasting, typical early season ski conditions. I was feeling a little better but still out of sorts and could not put my finger on it. But all in all it was good.

More on snow training at Windham, I brought my girls up for some early season Skiing. I was doing a mono-ski clinic and still feeling out of sorts. One of the instructors (Dee Dee) commented that my riggers looked too short. I know my riggers did not change but I could have set up my suspension a little higher after the rebuild. We changed the rigger length and I felt like I never left the bucket. When you feel you are reaching too far or working too hard try making your outriggers longer. It is such a simple adjustment with drastic results. The right rigger length can make or break your skiing.