Mountain Creek Review

My Review of Mountain Creek

02-11-99 Intrawest Resort Mountain Creek in Vernon NJ

I made it up to Mountain Creek to check it out. Sally Johnston, Bill and Franz Hubert met with me to see what adaptive skiing is all about. The South Peak is the place to go for an accessible lodge. Handicapped parking is close to a nice ramp right into the lodge. An elevator will take you down to the food concession and up to the sun deck. The sun deck is level to the snow and very close to the lifts. South Peak is sporting two brand new detach quads. I strapped into my mono and gave a demonstration on the lift jack and what an evacuation strap is for. We headed to the lift. We took the "I" lift to Bear Peak. The load on the chair was clean, but I blundered my dismount. The chairs have plastic slats to denote seating. I was on one and it shifted me off balance as I off loaded the chair. No big deal, just stay on the flat part of the seat. I was totally impressed with the snow conditions at Mountain Creek every trail was groomed and there was no ice to be found. After skiing Bear Peak we took the "H" lift to South Peak (the old Great Gorge South). We skied a few runs from the South Peak and then took the "G" lift to "Granite Peak" (the old Great Gorge North). This is an old slow double chair with a tricky loading area, but not a problem. We headed right over to Vernon Peak, (the old Vernon Valley). The only problem I have with the new Vernon Peak at Mountain Creek is the lack of a running summit chair lift mid week. There is a triple chair to the summit, but it only runs on weekends. I like to ski mid-week, so I can't ski Vernon Peak and that is not fair. I figure, why not run the chair lift mid-week and use the Cabriolet when you really need it. Oh well, that's management for you. There is a 8-Person Cabriolet to the summit, but this is a walk in lift. I did manage to get in it with some assistance. Getting off was not fun at all, and I needed to be carried to the snow. There is a lot of nice terrain at Vernon Peak, but I did not get to ski it. We headed right back to Granite Peak. We skied some nice runs here. The lift is a quad. It is a bit high to load, but there was not much snow on the loading ramp. After a nice dumping of snow I suspect it would be easy to load. It was a beautiful day and getting warm quick. The snow in the sun was getting very soft and slow. There is a trail that connects Granite Peak to South Peak. It is long and narrow with lots of flats. All I can say is "keep your ski flat and fast and you might make it with out pushing. I pushed a little, but had the snow been harder and faster I would have made it with no problem. Once we made it to South Peak Sally had a meeting so I skied with Franz for the rest of the morning. Franz and I skied a few more runs but the sun was taking its toll. The snow was getting very soft and slow, so we quit skiing at lunch. All in all I had a great time. The snow making and grooming at Mountain Creek is fantastic. The accessibility is great at the South Peak Mountain, the Vernon Peak side still needs some help, but they are working on it. Do to lack of skiers, they shut down the south mountain on week days so now there is no access to the summit for sitskiers. Bummer! Everything is open Friday through Sunday. Give them a call at (908)-827-2000 or the Mountain Creek web site.

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