Big Air at Windham

I have been waiting for this day all season. Here are some nice air shots.

This is about mid-way down the park looking at some nice table top jumps.

Greg goes for some High flyin fun in the park.

I carve a nice turn and kick up some snow for Bill and his kids.

Too slow, no hight, small air. Lets try it again.

Too Fast, Too high, BIG AIR! I bottomed out my shock twice on that landing, and kissed my knee with my face. A little blood, but I kept skiing. Ahrr, Ahrr, Ahrr... (Tim Allen Grunt)

Big table top, but not enough speed. Only about 12 to 15 inches of air.

Just a nice jump in the afternoon.

I had a lot of fun breaking in my new shock and getting these pics. I hope to have more soon. (keep your shoulders BACK)

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