2000-2001 Season Log, Mountain Creek NJ

Mountain Creek NJ

Gus and I brought our daughters to Mountain Creek for another introduction to skiing. As the girls went in to the Kids Camp ski school Gus and I poked around a little. I took some pictures of the loading area for the gondola. The summit and the base. This people mover is walk on, walk off and it is not friendly to sit skiers. As you can see from the pictures. For a resort that boasts no limits, this is a major limitation to a disabled skier. I was carried on and off, it was very difficult. The good news is that management is behind correcting the problem and by next season it should be better. However the lift is wheelchair accessible for summer site seeing and hiking. Once at the summit we headed over to Granite Peak. At Granite there is a chair lift to the summit, and a few trails. We skied Devils Bit once and the Pipe Line twice. We headed back to Vernon base. From the base there is a chair lift to the top of the sugar slop. This is a After the girls lesson was over we skied with them for a few runs. It was great skiing with my daughter Gina. She loved it, It looks like a have a new ski buddy. There is some work to be done at mountain creek to give us mono-skiers access to the summit at Vernon peak.

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