2000-2001 Season Log, Blue Mountain PA

Blue Mountain PA.

Bob and I at the top of Challenge

Blue Mountain is very close and a great place to get away to for some fun skiing. The access is good. As you pull up to the main lodge you will find handicapped parking on the right. Just beyond the parking if you bare right you can pull up to the main lodge banquet hall entrance and the ski school. Unload right there then park. This is a two floor lodge with no elevator. On the first level you will find ticket sales, access to the snow, and a bathroom. The bathroom stall is adequate but could use some help. The second floor has snow access, food concession, and a bathroom. This bathroom stall also is adequate but some chairs might not fit. I met with Bob Melenovsky, he is the snow sports director. We talked about access concerns for the disabled and the possibility for an adaptive ski program at Blue mountain. I could not have picked a better day, the sun was out and it was warm. It turns out the mountain would close two days later. With ton of snow and all the trails open, we headed out to ski and check out the trails and lifts. This is a summit lodge. You pass through a ticket check point and then the mountain is yours. We skied down to the "A" quad. The load zone is great with safety bars and a green light to tell you when to load. It is a padded seat quad and the lift is a little high. I used a spotter to load this chair. At the summit the off load was a snap. We worked our way across the mountain. A long green then a double black, then a blue. It was spring conditions for sure. Not quite mash potatoes but getting there fast. We checked out some of the double chairs. They are okay, the load zone is tight and raised up so be alert. I miss loaded the double chair more then once, but not a big deal, it all part of a day on the hill. It was a great day. Blue Mountain is a great place to ski and close by. From 8:30am to 10:00pm you will find some of the best skiing and riding around.

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