2000-2001 Season Log, Closing Hunter with the Ski Bums

Ski Bums Last Wednesday of 200-2001

Lower K27, from the bottom.
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Well folks, this wraps up another season with the New Jersey Ski Bums Ski Club. Hunter will close for the season on Sunday the 15, resurrection day. So for the last Wednesday a bunch of ski bums made their way to the mountain. All season I wanted to get first chair, so this was the day to do it. No one wants to leave that early so I drove up alone, well I am never alone, actually it was me and my Heavenly Father, The Son and the Holy Spirit, so I had a car full. That is one of the many great things about having a relationship with God, you are never alone. I left my house at 5:15am and I was at Hunter by 7:40 to catch an 8:30 lift. As I piled my gear on my lap and headed for the elevator a guy with a big cart was going up too. He dumped all my gear on his cart and took it to the lodge. That was cool. I strapped into my mono at 8:20 and by 8:30 I was waiting for the lift to open for skiers and riders. Even this early there was a line of about ten people. I was tempted to ask the guys in front if I could ride with them, but fifth chair was fine for me. The weather was calling for rain but it looked as if it was going to hold out. The ride up was sweet, the sun was trying to peek through the clouds and it was warm out. Racer's Edge was looking like a bump festival, bur I was up for it. Hellgate looked inviting as I passed over, and the bumps were calling. I started the day on my Atomic TEN EX 184cm. The conditions were soft, wet, bumps and some hard pack in the ruts. My first run was down the middle, Hellgate to Kennedy. Second was Cliff to Ike, third was Heugas to Gun Hill. Here is another view of Heugas. It was back to Hellgate for the forth. I did not feel on top of my game with the Atomic, so it was time to switch. Some of the Ski Bums started to emerge from the lodge. Perfect timing, Tom brought me my Head Cyber Cross Ti 180cm, and Glen put it on for me. This ski was just what the doctor ordered. We skied a few runs down the front and then headed over to the east side. Lower K27 was calling my name. If there was a day for me to accept the call it was today. I linked up some nice tight turns then switched lines. I got sloppy a little here and there but over all I nailed the run. At the bottom some of my ski bum friends cheered me on and we took some was pictures. Steve, Glen and I took the lift to the summit, and the bums headed west. Claire's Way, looking up and looking down is almost always bumped up. I my finally getting comfortable on this run. Then it was over to 44, another west side bump field. It had some rocks to negotiate, but that is part of the fun. Then it was on to Annapurna, looking up and looking down. Bobby Jack was spotting me on Annapurna just in case. And I did get stuck once or twice. At the summit, Bobby Jack, Bill, Barb and I stopped for a picture before heading to 44 once again. I was getting tired and should have passed on this one, but hey, the season is just about over, and 44 is a treat not often attained at Hunter, especially in April. I got sloppy on some turns. At one point I got turned around with my back down the hill and took off in reverse. Not Good! My tail caught a bump and I flipped over and tumbled a bit. I bent my tail of my Cyber Cross. Bummer! I really like this ski. I made it down okay and skied the bent tail with out a problem. I was ready for lunch And got out of the mono at 12:30pm. After lunch I hit the snow with Tom and Bobby Jack about 1:05. We split up soon after and I was solo free skiing for most of the after noon. My shoulder was hurting so I stayed off the big bumps. The Cliff looking up and looking down was in great shape. Nice size bumps and great lines. I got my last chair at about 3:55 and was at the summit just after four. The rest of the bums gathered at the summit, then we made out way to the usual camp site until the ski patrol closed the hill. I ended my day in the park with the big kicker and got out of my mono at 4:30 after racking up 38,320 vertical feet in 26 runs. We all met at McGee's for the final ski bum gathering of the season. Steve Gott. our ski bum promoter and mouth peace unwinds after a few days of skiing. Bill and I waiting on the food. The food arrives. Glen and Barb take to the dance floor for some swing. The NJ Ski Bums call it a season at 6:30pm.

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