98-99 Ski Log

The 99-2000 season.

Does anyone out there pray? Is your prayer a monologue or a dialogue? It should be a dialogue. God speaks you listen, you speak God listens. What do you do when you are praying and God tells you to give away your mono-ski? You give it away. What! Give away a $2000 dollar mono-ski. Sure, why not. God is well able to replace it or heal me so I don't need it. Call it a radical step of faith. Over the 99 summer when praying one night, the Lord impressed on me to give my mono to a certain fellow. That's right God gave me his name. I contacted the man and he picked up his mono-ski. He was totally blessed. Mono-ski, outriggers, two skis, extra straps, screws and tool bag. It turns out he was starting collage and did not have a mono to use so he would not be skiing much. God provided for him all he needed to ski. Well what about me. You see, I needed to refocus my priorities. Skiing is a blast and my all time favorite activity. But I put it way to high in my life. God said "you will have no other god's before me" Ex. 20:3. In a very real sense skiing was a god in my life. Any thing that takes the highest priority in your life is your God. I know that if I can give something away, It does not have a hold on me any longer. If you can't give it away, IT has you! So when ski season starts all I have is my faith, and that is all I need. A mono came my way not long after, a Shadow. With the time on my hands until some outriggers come, I decided to work on a boot mount for the Grove and the Shadow. They are done and ready to use. I was invited to take part in some mono clinics at Skiwindham using there equipment. God provides, all the time. I am believing God for the full manifestation of my healing. I know by faith soon I will not need to use a mono-ski. As I grow in faith there will always be a mono for me until rise up and walk. A seed sown will produce after its own kind.

Up Comming trips listed here God Willing!

04-17-2000 23rd Day, Hunter NY

Well folks, that's it for me. My 1999-2000 season has come to a close. Steve was going to be up at the mountain, so I decided to meet him. It was cool and cloudy with a chance of rain. We hit the snow about 9:40 with two trails to choose from. Hell Gate and the Belt Parkway. Hell Gate earned its name today. A narrow chute past the dirt and rock spits you out into huge bumps. I skied it once and that was enough so I skied on the belt all day, and that was fine with me. The snow was great with a few big bare spots to negotiate. It started to rain lightly after lunch but we had rain gear. Steve and I clocked 26,480 vertical feet for the day in 17 runs. We closed the lift and five of four and got off the snow at about 4:20, it was a great day. I started out this season with no mono-ski equipment, just faith and trust in God, and this was my most accomplished season. I learned so much about mono equipment and adapting it to specific needs and desires. I skied with a hi CG (center of gravity) set up and a low CG. I skied a standard Shadow binding system, a Shadow with a boot mount system, a Shadow with a Grove system. I skied a Grove with a boot system. I tested several new skis and two mono-skis. I Give my God the Lord Jesus Christ thanks and praise for such a great season. There is nothing better in this world then to have a personal relationship with the Almighty God. The one who created the mountains we ski on. Don't be so caught up in what your doing that you forget to get to know the one who gave you the breath to do it. To know God is to have peace.

04-12-2000 22nd Day, Hunter NY

Bill and I drive up to meet Steve, Ralph and Glen. It was winter weather for sure, cold and windy, with flurries. I got on the snow after 9am and it was hard packed, more like an ice crust. The only runs open were, Hell Gate and the Belt. After a few runs on my Viper I decided to switch to my Atomic. I hooked up with Steve and we skied a few more runs until lunch. On my break I had the Atomic tuned by the "Man" Kevin. After noon the sun came out and conditions softened up. The mountain was a lot of fun now. I hooked up with Glen for a few runs, and he gave me some good pointers up how to ski looking down hill and countering over the turn. We closed the lift and called it a day after 4pm. That might be it for me, it was a great season. I learned a lot and I thank God for the opportunity to ski another season.

04-10-2000 21st Day, Hunter NY

I woke up for church on Sunday to find snow all over the place. The forecast at Hunter was for up to a foot of snow. I mounted up my Rosi Viper Mountain X and decided to take a solo trip for a day of solo free skiing in the after math of a spring snow storm. The ride up was great. The further north I went, the more snow was on the ground and the ski was blue. I was on the snow by 8:40am and the mountain was empty. I took the be lift first to get a feel for the Viper X. This is a lot of ski. Stiff with a lot of bite. I shot right to the summit quad. I took a long warm up down the belt. It was great. The snow was soft and fluffy, and I could not hear my ski under me. To look out at the surrounding mountains and valley and see everything snow covered was great. Next I headed down the middle, Hell Gate to mid-station. The conditions were fantastic. Groomed packed powder all the way down to the lift. It was a bit cold, 28 at the summit to start the day, but it warmed up a bit. At about 10 AM I met up with Rick Gropper at the lift. At the summit we hooked up with Steve Laing, he is the Hunter Mountain Web Master. Steve skied a run with us and took some pictures for the Hunter web site. We carved up Hell Gate and headed for the park. Rick is a trip in the Park. He gets HUGE air off big jumps and loves it. One after another he just launched to try and kiss the sky. My Rosi was hooking up a bit too much for me, so I switched to the Head. I never did de-tune the Rosi. The Head was great, we skied a few more runs and then took a lunch break. During lunch the snow started to fly. The weather went from sun to snow to some sun with flurries back to sun. The skiing was great, a real blessing for every one who decided to get this last day of powder. I switched back to the Viper after the HEAD started to give me some problems. I skied three more runs and called it a day at about 3:30.

04-05-2000 20th Day, Hunter NY

Gus, Bill and my self ride up to Hunter to meet the rest of the die hard Ski Bums for a day of skiing. Well they skied, I practiced falling on hard pack ice with dirt and rocks. Yes, it would be safe to say this was not my best day on snow. But you know, if you look for something good in a bad situation you will always come out on top and learn something you can apply later. It was a cold day, snow flurries and wind. I had mounted up a Volkl P40 F1 183 to test a shorter ski in some spring bumps. It never happened. From the first turn off the lift I had nothing but problems. I could not turn left. I skied a down a small hill and could not turn left. I side slipped picking up speed until I caught the down hill edge and slammed into the hard packed snow. My head hit the snow and my helmet flew off. It helps to keep the strap on tight. I figured this ski was railed or bent or something, so my buddy Gus headed on down with out me to get my backup ski. After a good twenty minutes on the summit in the cold wind Gus arrives with my Volant. He bolts it on and off we go. We hit the belt and blaze to the bottom of my first run of the day. The second run we hit Huggas. This trail had some big holes in it and lots of ice. Very fast conditions. On Kennedy I got into some trouble in the ice bumps a took a mean tumble and broke my Volant. Now what? I skied the broken ski down to the lodge and headed for the ski repair shop to see if we could fix the Volkl. My day seemed to be over until I met Kevin in the Hunter ski repair shop. Kevin did his best to hook me up. The Volkl was railed and it seemed like an easy fix. I took another run off the B lift to test my new tuned ski. Still no left turn. I was burning up. Try to ski a ski that WILL NOT TURN LEFT! I could get it to track to the left and pickup speed then I would carve a right to dump the speed, let the ski seek the fall line, pick up speed, track left, then carve right. This was my third run of the day and it was about 1:40 PM. Back to the ski shop. On close examination of the ski we find the ski had a twist in it that was only visible when you loaded the edge of the ski. All is not lost, Kevin mounts my binding on an old Rosi to help me try and salvage a few runs out of this doomed day. What is the chance of two twisted skis in the same day? 100% on this day. I get off the lift at the summit and it did not take long to find out I had no left turn again. We never did check the ski for twist. My forth run of the day was down the belt with no left turn. Again, track left to get across the trail then cut right and dump the speed. I took a few mean falls and I was a hurting pup by the end of the run. I called it a day just after three. I learned how to check my skis to see if they are railed or twisted. This will never happen again if I can help it. And when I am testing a ski I will from now on always bring two back up skis. I want to thank Kevin in the Hunter ski shop for taking the time to help me out. Well, that's the day. Live and learn and Give God All the glory. I could have been hurt bad, but that did not happen. I thank God for His protection.

03-29-2000 19th Day, Hunter NY

No bus this time, and a forecast for some wet weather. Not to worry, the Ski bums will ski in all weather. I packed my rain gear, hooked up with Bill and we headed north. The weather turned in our favor. There was a little rain at the bottom on one run. After that, sleet and snow all day. Hell Gate earned its name on this day. Big bumps and tight lines. I skied Huggas and the belt all day. I skied the Grove with the Boot mount system and a Cyber World Cup TPS2 190. I like this ski, great edge control with a nice snap out of the turn. We skied all day and I was off the snow at 4:15. Another great day on snow.

03-22-2000 18th Day, Hunter NY

Well, what can I say. Another Ski Bums Bus, another great day on snow. The weather was great, but the snow was thick. I was testing the Salamon Xscream with a Grove mono-ski and Marker M38 binding. The ski was a lot of fun in the morning. The show was some what firm and I had first tracks. I was able to carve some great turns, however I found the ski did not turn quick in the bumps and in the thick mash potato snow. After lunch I skied my Atomic Beta Carve 9.18. We skied all day. I was off the snow at 4:15 and soaking wet. The season is winding down. Hunter has a ton of snow and plans to stay open until Easter. So come up for some of the best spring skiing around.

03-15-2000 17th Day, Hunter NY

On the way home from Vermont, I call my wife to see what's up at home. All is well, and Glen called from the NJ Ski Bums wanting to car pool to Hunter in about twelve hours. Cool! After about three and a half hours sleep, Bill came to my house and we picked up Glen on the way. I took the Grove with the boot mount system. This mono has a cut down back, but I was able to use it okay with a torso belt. The snow was thick and crusty, but did soften up to thick mash potatoes. I skied the Head Cyber all morning and then switched to the Salamon Xscream in the after noon. It was a bit tricky at first. The ski did not engage the turn as quick as the Head did, and with the thick conditions it was a workout. I was up for the challenge and skied it all day. Five days in a row were taking it's toll and this man was feeling it. Glen and I blaze down Hugas to catch last chair and Ed meets us at mid station. We shoot down Ike to the lift and catch last chair. Hell Gate to mid station and a pit stop. Ski patrol broke up the pit stop and off we went, the whole mountain was empty. A nice run to the chair and I was off the snow by 4:20 and we were on the road by 5:10. That, my friend, is how you rock a ski season.

03-14-2000 16th Day, Okemo VT

Day three, up early, pack and check out. We hit the slopes about 9:30am and head right for the south face. Four chair lifts and about forty minutes we were there. We skied every trail that was open. A bumpy tree run called Double Diamond was about the most challenging run for me so I only did it once. We skied south all morning and headed back for lunch. For the after noon I was testing my new boot mount system for the Grove. I was using a Head Cyber World Cup 190 and a Tyrolia 650 binding. I should have used the rig from day one. I was ripping it up. We hit all the trails we had missed and started checking off the map on the lift ride up. We found some nice jumps on a trail called Lower Fall Line and on Exhibition. The day was a bit over cast and we figured we would leave early if it started to rain, but the sun kept peeking out and then it started to snow. The runs were closing leading to the chair lifts so we started back to the main lodge. As we came down the front I noticed the quad still loading so we shoot right to it. With two minutes to spare we got our last chair to the summit, We took a long run down called Mountain Road to the Zone for some more air and then to the lodge. We packed up and were on the road at 5:05pm, home in NJ at 10:15pm. What a great trip!

03-13-2000 15th Day, Okemo VT

The Cavendish Pointe Hotel is great, I highly recommend it. Bring your bathing suit, I forgot mine. We had the handicapped access room. This room was done right. Lots of open space in the room and a big bathroom. The bathroom was great, access under the sink and the toilet was not too high. The shower could use a little help. If there was a handle shower head and a shower chair it would have been perfect. I am not complaining the room was great. An elevator will take you to the second floor to the dinning area. We had a great breakfast looking out the window at a great view of the mountain. Day two we hit the slopes about 9am. I was testing out some skis for a few runs as my buddy went back to the hotel to get his food. By 10:30am we were ready to attack the mountain. The sun was out, it was on the cold side, the conditions were great. We worked our way around the mountain skiing every thing we could find. One trail was better then the next. We tried to make it to the south face summit, but it was too late in the day and the trail was closed. Leading to the lift so we took this little trail through the woods back to the main lodge. The view from Okemo is the best I have seen. After a perfect day on the snow we had a great meal at Sam's Stake House.

03-12-2000 14th Day, Okemo VT

4:15 am I pick up my buddy Gus and we hit the highway to Vermont. On the drive up we hit rain, and it was looking grim. About half way through Mass. the ground had some snow cover. Into Vermont there was a lot of snow cover, and in Ludlow they were shoveling out from the six to eight inch dump. We did it again, 4 for 4. Every year Gus and I go skiing we pray for snow and God brings the Snow. As we pulled up around 9:30am we could not see the mountain do to the fog and the forecast called for rain, but the day was just getting started. This is the deal with Okemo if you are using a wheel chair. As you pull up to the main lodge make the first right before the lodge and then the first left. This brings you up around the back close to the snow. There is handicapped parking and access to the administration office where you can get your lift tickets. We pulled all the way up to the back of the Sitting Bull Lounge to unload and then parked. Rick at the Sitting Bull Lounge gave us a nice place inside to get set up. The lounge is closed in the morning, but after 8:30am someone will open up for you to come and get set up. I really want to thank Rick for his help and hospitality. There is a ramp up to the snow from the patio area, but it is short and steep. You could get on the snow off to the right side where the snow meets the patio, but it is still an up hill push. There are two quads right in front of the lodge that take to the top of the beginner area and gives you access to the other lifts. I think this is great because it keep all the beginner in one area with their own lifts. The poor visibility was an issue for me. I was nervous skiing a mountain I never been to before with out being able to see more then fifty feet in front of me, but we just took it slow and headed for the summit quad. The chair lifts at Okemo are great. They are all a good height, and the lift attendants are very helpful. At the summit we could not see a thing. We checked the map and headed for a blue. The conditions where a bit choppy but not bad. We skied a few runs and I was getting freaked out. Tired from all the driving, not being able to see, my ski was too stiff and it started to drizzle. So we went in for lunch. During lunch it started to snow, Gus and I just smiled and said "The Favor or God". The snow flakes got huge and the fog lifted. We could now see about half the mountain from the lodge. I mounted up the Volant, and we hit the snow. The after noon was great. I could see and the ski was working good. Time to rock Okemo. We tore up the front of the mountain, and hit most of the blues and some blacks. One thing about Okemo, it is and intermediate mountain. The blues and the blacks are about the same and the black bump runs have a great bail out section on the side. The lifts close at 3:45 and we headed in to the Sitting Bull Lounge to check out a hot band called MASS-CONN FUSION. My luither skills came to use, Jimmy the bass player needed some help with his bass and I just happen to be there to fix it. After a few tunes we headed for the hotel.

03-11-2000 13th Day LYONS/SAMBORA Hunter

My wife and I head to Hunter for the annual LYONS/SAMBORA race. This was a great day for my wife. She is a new skier and she enjoyed her time on the snow, and Concorde her fear of the chair lift. I was all set to ski the day in the Revolution Pro Comp, but after the first run I was back in the Shadow. I am not sure what it was, but the last time I skied this mono I could do no wrong. On this day, it was crash and burn. The ski might have been set up different from the last time I skied it. The snow conditions were thick and wet. Every Time I carved a turn the foot rest would hit the ground and kick the ski out from under me. After about six wipe outs I was done with the Rev Pro. I hooked up with Rick to give him a tour of the mountain. Rick is a great skier, very strong, loves bumps and big air. I took him down the front of Hunter for the first run and Crossover caught his eye. Crossover is a double black, gnarly bump run. He rocked it twice!. I just watched from the top, then hooked up with him at the lift. The rain kicked in and we headed for the race course. Rick took First place in mono men under eighteen. Mono men over eighteen, 1st place was John, 2nd place was Justin, and I took third. The rain did not let up so we called it a day and head back to NJ.

03-08-2000 12th Day, Hunter

It looks like spring time. Mid 60's and great skiing. My buddy John and I hook up with Steve and Bill for a run up to Hunter. One good thing about the Ski Bums of NJ, if the bus don't run to Hunter, some one does. I made a great change to the shadow. I mounted a bracket to the existing Shadow binding mount holes. This bracket mounts to the Grove type binding. See here. I was testing out some skis. I first tested the Salomon EquipAxe 190. This is a good stiff ski with a nice high camber. It snaps from turn to turn and carves like and electric knife. I like it! It took a little getting use to so I switched back to my Atomic for some free skiing. I found a great jump just before lunch and got some nice air. The jump was wide, maybe eaight feet across. In the center it was rutted a bit from use. I hit the jump off to the left and it was a sweet landing. After Lunch I was testing the Salomon X- Scream 195cm. This ski was a bit tricky for me. I still need more time to test it. The conditions were very thick wet snow and for some reason I was heaving trouble getting my left turn to inishiate. I switched back to my Atomic. With the new binding set up it was a snap to switch skis. I just layed over on my side and my buddy John just swaped skis in about thee minuts. We took to the slopes for some rip it up free skiing. We headed for the jump again. Steve got in place with the camera, and I lined up for center of the jump. I hit it with some good speed and launched. Great hight, great distance, but I landed hard in the rut, and broke my ski. I should have stayed to the left. My Atomic 9.18 is no more. We limped back to the lift and I switched back to the Salomon Equieaxe. The rest of the day was some great skiing, the sun was out, the layers were coming off and the bumps were growing. We closed the lift at four and called it a great day.

03-01-2000 11th Day, Hunter

This was a day to remember. My neighbor Rob and I took the Bus to Hunter for a day of spring skiing. I was testing my new "Mono-Lock" boot mount system for the Shadow. I also did a small modification to the Shock mount on the Shadow. The Mono-Lock raises me up about two and three quarter inches higher then the standard Shadow mount. It was a easy to load on the lift and I could get great angulation when carving a turn. I like the extra height. The down side is a high side fall or a mouse trap. I did this and at good clip of speed and tumbled a bunch of times. I still like the extra height. I launched into some bumps the wrong way and completely trashed my new Rosi 9S. I Blew the cap right off just under and in front of the front binding. I skied it down (that was fun), and took off the boot mount system. I mounted up my Volant with the standard Shadow binding. I do not use the jack system to get on the lift. I actually removed it, and hard bolted the bottom mount of the shock to the frame. This proved to be a problem when unloading the chair with out the boot mount. With out added height of the boot mount, the tail of the ski caught the safety bar and locked me to the chair. If my shock was not hard mounted, the frame would have opened in to the jack position and I would have slid off. No, I was locked on and took a ride around the wheel. This extra little lift ride pulled out my rear binding screws. That was a fun run with half a mounted tail. All in all I learned a lot on this day and count it a victory for R&D.;

02-23-2000 10th Day, Hunter

John, Scott, Lonie, and myself took to Hunter for some great free skiing. I took my first run in John's Yetti. It is the new All Mountain Race model. I like the mono, the only problem I had was the fit. The back was too low for me with not torso belt at all. I took a run down a blue to get a feel for the ski. I like the seating position, with your feet a little lower then your hips. Loading on the chair lift was no problem. Just lift as height as you can and let the chair lift do the rest. The unload was smooth, but do to my lack of torso support I over compensated and fell over. The mono-ski skied very nice, soft suspension with a nice return. The mono was very responsive, I only wish it was more fitted for me so I could really let loose. I skied one run and wanted out. I need a higher back seat to be comfortable. So the four of us just skied the day away. It was a great day of free skiing, the weather and conditions where great.

02-16-2000 9th Day, Hunter

Just about the best day yet. Another Ski Bums Bus to Hunter. We hit some snow on the way up, but not much hit the mountain, That did not matter. The conditions were great. I had mounted up an Atomic Beta Carve 9.18 190cm with a riser plate. What a ski, what a great ski. I was all over the mountain, and I nailed a bobble black that has given my problems in the past. Well now Racers Edge is another notch in my belt. The cloud cover was thick so it was not the clearest day, but the conditions made up for it. I think I skied the most runs in one day then I ever had. I skied with my buddy Steve in the morning, and then hit the mountain solo in the afternoon. I hooked up with Bums here the there, but mostly free skied solo. It was a great time to explore, and do my thing. What a great day on snow.

02-09-2000 8th Day, Hunter

Another great day with the Ski Bums, warm temps and lots of sunshine, and great snow conditions. I mounted up an ELAN Dark Side 183 with a 1 inch riser. I find that using a riser with the Shadow really helps to save the ski. This is also the shortest and most radical side cut I have ever used. I liked it. I was not getting my left turn to hook as quick as I like, but I worked with it. I think it is a tuning issue, possibly a railed ski. The ski has a great bite when on edge, and it carves right into the ice. Good flex with a nice snap out of a turn. A great all mountain ski. I had to get use to the radical side cut. Edge to edge turns are fine but when I did skidded flat turns it was a little squarely for me. I was all over the mountain. Bill, one of the bums, you remember Bill, the guy that took me down Annapurna last year. Well he and I hooked up for some fun skiing. We did a few easy warm-ups and then hit some steeper trails. The ski was working well. We met up with Pat and skied a few runs with her. At lunch time I switched back to me Volant, that was a mistake. My Volant needs a tune and in the afternoon it was getting scraped off and icy. The ELAN had a much better edge, but I still skied right up to the end of the day.

02-08-2000 7th Day, Reviewing the Revolution Pro Comp at Ski Windham

My new ski buddy Steve and I go to Ski Windham so I could review the Freedom Factory's Revolution Pro Comp mono-ski. What a great day, a little cool but lots of sun. The guys at Windham, Frank and Dick helped me get set up in the mono and came along for the review. I even got some skiing pointers from them. Ski Windham has a great adaptive skiing program with all the best equipment available. I can not say anything negative about the Revolution Pro Comp mono-ski. You can check out my review of the Pro Comp here. Steve and I hit the slopes and Dick came along to see the Revolution in action. We skied an easy blue, then a steeper blue then a double black. There was no stopping me. This mono was great. We skied a little bump field, no problem, some jumps, no problem, steep ice, little problem, but my fault. We kicked it up a notch and I checked out the mono at a fast speed. Rock solid, I loved it. After lunch, Steve and I skied a few more runs until we hooked up with Frank. We headed over to a steeper bump run and I nailed it, no problem. I found a nice quite powder run under a lift in the woods. It was so much fun we hit it again. My last run was a rocket run to try and get to the lift before it closed. I missed it by seconds. But the run was great. I had a great day, the Pro Comp in an awesome mono-ski, and I now have a new ski buddy, my friend Steve.

02-02-2000 6th Day, Hunter

Ground hog day and another Ski Bums bus goes to Hunter. Scott Wilson took a ride up to meet me for a great day of skiing. This was a cold one with some wicked wind. But weather can't stop a ski bum. 1st run Hellgate, 2nd Hellgate, 3rd Eastside, 4th Eastside, Black, black, black, bam! just working the mountain. And getting worked. Steve, Scott and I found all the good runs. The wind was adding to the challenge of the day and you needed to be on your toes when unloading the chair lift, but we pulled it off every time. I was loading the Shadow with out using the jack arm. I found this to work great. I just push up with my outriggers and the lift attendant lift's my foot rest and pushes me back into the seat. It works like a charm every time. No more lift arm, I am leaving it home. The cold slowly started it's assault on us and we headed in for lunch. After lunch we decided to take a few easy runs on the Belt to ease the gut. What a great run. Tons of powder and no one but us to use it. We skied Minya a few times and then battled the wind on Heugas. The cold started to kick in, my fingers and toes were done. We all agreed to call it a day.

01-26-2000 5th Day, Hunter

The snow hits Hunter and the Ski Bums of NJ are there. The bus company canceled the bus because of the storm, but that can't stop a ski bum. Steve and I hook up for the ride up and we meet some of the other bums at the mountain for a great day of fresh powder skiing. What a work out. Some thirteen or so inches of now when we arrived and it was still snowing. What can I say, when you are use to skiing the hard packed and ice in the east, powder can be a challenge. I found some untouched deep powder on 42nd street. The snow was up to the frame of the mono. It was fun, but I started tracking straight toward the trees and I was having difficulty turning. I managed to turn before disaster and decided to stay away from the real deep stuff. My buddy Steve loved it. He went back for more. Some trails were better then others. I found the trails that the better skiers were on had better lines. There were lots of bumps, but the lines were good so I could ski them with not much of a problem. For us here in the east this was one of those once or twice a season rare ski days. The mountain was a bit crowded for a Wednesday, but most of the people were just getting out for the season and the conditions wiped them out, so before lunch, and after 2:30, all the lightweights were inside. Only the hardcore ski bums were out tearing it up. We closed the lift. Another great day on snow.

01-19-2000 4th Day, Hunter

The Ski Bums of NJ run the 2nd bus trip of the season. A little nap on the bus ride up and I was good ot go when we hit the slopes. It was a bit chilly with a high of about 17. I just added another layer and strapped in to the mono. I am still demoing the Shadow with a Volant Power Karve. The first run was the belt. Lots of powder. I love it when I can't hear my ski under me. Then it was Hell Gate to Kennedy, great snow. We noticed that 42nd street was open under some snow guns. It was a powder hounds dream. We hit that run about five times. The Shadow was skiing great and I got loading the lift down with out a problem. Again the key is to have the lift operator push me back into the chair lift from my foot rest when I lift with my outriggers. I had one missed off load on the blue triple, no big deal. I did feel like I could use a little more pre-load on the shock. The rebound I was getting from the shock was a little slower then I like. There is one more notch to go, so I will give it a try. The day was great, cold, soft snow, sun shine and good people.

01-12-2000 3rd Day, Hunter

The Ski Bums of NJ run the first bus trip of the season and yours truly was there. God provided a mono for me to use, so every day I have on snow is a day to show His grace. The weather report called for flurries in the morning and sun shine in the afternoon. The flurries put a little over and inch in a few hours and the sun was no where to be found. However, after lunch the clouds were gone and the sun shine was great. Temps in the upper 20's to 30's and the summit was a bit windy. This was a test for me. I am now using a Shadow. I have been skiing a Grove for the past four years and have become very use to the simple loading a Grove provides. I mounted up a Volant Power Karve steel with a 1" riser. I'll tell you, this skis ROCKS. Steve Goodman and I took the B lift for a warm up run. Its a good thing. I did not adjust my rigger length for the Shadow. I skied down with riggers about 3" to short. That is not fun. A quick adjustment at the lift and I was ready for another run. Loading the Shadow was a bit tricky at first. When I put the jack arm back in it's sleeve, it prevented me from sliding all the way back in the lift seat. We worked out the bugs and found the bast way to load was for my buddy to hold on to the jack arm until we got off at the top. For the load I would push up with my riggers and the lift attendant would push me back into the seat from the foot rest. A side from the loading problems the Shadow may have, it skis great. I was all over that mountain, blue, black double black, run after run just carving it up. The suspension works great. In compression it loads up smooth and the release was just right. The ski responded great, I enjoy the way it handles. The Volant Power Karve is a monster ski. This puppy just eats it up. Ice, bites right into it, hard packed, carve right through it. The amount of fun I had with this ski should be illegal. Before I knew it, it was 3:30 and I had a lot more left. We skied until the lift closed at 4pm and packed it up. I will cut a little off the jack are to see if I can get beck more on the chair lift. I will do some other small adjustments the Shadow. and be ready for the next day on snow.

12-17-99 2nd Day, SkiWindham

Back for mono/Bi clinic. This time it was a intermediate lesson, so I did get to ski a little more. The group was great. I was back in a Grove and I set it up a little better for me. All in all it was a great day. I was still falling a lot, but I was having fun. The conditions were good, a little icy but not bad. We worked controlled turns and body countering. I learned that using breaks on my riggers helps to control my speed and keeps me more upright in my seat. Thanks to Kirsty and the gang for a great day. You know I got so used to my own equipment and system that I for got how the other half lives. It is a challenge to try to ski other equipment as well as mine.

12-04-99 1st Day, SkiWindham

I start off the season with a mono-ski clinic. This was a lesson to teach instructors how to teach a first time mono-skier, a "newbe". You can guess who the newbe was. Actually I was a newbe, it was my first day of the season and I was in a mono that I was not used to. It was a Grove, but not set up the way I like it. I was falling all over the place. The day was overcast with some rain. The snow was wet and thick. We start off setting up the mono, and then head over to the beginner area. I did enjoy working with the gang. After some time on the bunny slope trying to link turns at .2mph we headed to the lift. for a real green trail. As well as the gang getting hands on training loading and unloading a mono I was getting a much needed lesson. I would have liked to take a few runs just to get my feel for the mono back, but it worked out fine and I learned a lot. Thanks guys, I had a great day.

Well it's time again to hit the slopes. This page will grow through out the season as I tell you my adventures. So come back and send me some e-mail, lets hook up and ski together.

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