Help the Cause

Taking the DIS out of disABILITY

Help the Cause

Melanie riding a custom handcycle built for her by SITSKI.COM

The CAUSE of sitski is to help those who suffered a traumatic debilitation injury
and have physical challenges to realize their potential, and achieve their goals.

Thank you for visiting SITSKI.COM.

My name is Tom. I started this web site in 1997 to share my thrill and excitement about life and “Adaptive Sports”, especially SITSKIING.
The response to this site has been amazing.
It has touched many lives around the globe and helped many to get back into the thrill of life.

This is a free site thanks to the help of my Sponsors. Any help is greatly appreciate, be it donations of sport equipment, wheelchairs, and of course funds.

Please consider helping the cause in any way you can.

Please send any contributions by Paypal:


Result of SITSKI.COM

Mark takes to the slopes

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