Adaptive Ski Program Review

Adaptive Ski Program Review

This is a review on adaptive ski programs I have visited and or trained with. The review in on the programs staff, size, equipment and ability to serve all needs. I touch on access, but my detailed access review is found Here. If you would like to submit a review of a program or programs you have trained with please do so Here.

SkiWindham, NY Camelback, PA
Pico, VT Sugarbush, VT

= Bad, Non trained staff, poor equipment, serves one or two abilities.
= Poor, Partially trained staff, poor equipment, serves one or two abilities.
= Fair, Trained staff, good equipment maintenance, severs most abilities.
= Good, PSIA Adaptive certified instructors, small staff, good equipment, severs all abilities.
= Excellent, PSIA Adaptive certified instructors, large staff, excellent equipment, severs all abilities.

Camelback, PA

The Pennsylvania Center for Adaptive Sports has an adaptive ski program at Camelback, with the equipment needed to get all disability skiing. Good equipment, great staff, easy access. The program is new to Camelback, it is the same program from Jack Frost. This program book's up fast so call early in the season to book your dates. It is not as big in staff as some of the other programs, but the quality is excellent, so good in fact, that you most likely will become a regular. Tip, book lessons early, you snooze..., well you know the rest. It's the best program in the Poconos, and so close.

Camelback Web Site

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Pico, VT

Pico has a VASS chapter, and a great staff of adaptive instructors. It is a small yet excellent program and growing fast with big quality. I really like this mountain. The program has some good equipment, mono-ski's bi-skis, every thing needed to teach all abilities. VASS at Pico is located on the ground level of the main lodge, right in the main lodge. Good access to snow and rest rooms.

Killington/Pico Web Site

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Sugarbush north mountain "Mount Ellen". Is where you will find the VASS (Vermont Adaptive Ski & Sport) office. VASS is an excellent organization with the best equipment and staff. The parking to lodge access needs some help, but the staff is on top of it. They send a sled to come get you and take you up the lodge level. The VASS office is large and has a large accessible rest room. The staff and volunteers are the best around and very help full. Lot's of good equipment for all abilities. Easy access on and off the snow. It is safe to say that if you find a mountain in Vermont with a VASS office you found a great adaptive ski program.

Sugarbush Web Site

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SkiWindham, NY

Disabled (Adaptive) Ski Program at SkiWindham. In my opinion is the best and largest adaptive skiing program in the tri state area. The parking access could be better. The handicapped parking is down a hill, so if you are alone it could be a work out. However, there is vale parking on the weekends. The office is on the first level and there is an elevator to all other levels. The equipment area is small, but it is packed with the best equipment available today. The mostly volunteer staff is huge. Always more then one instructor per student. Equipment and teaching for all abilities.

SkiWindham Web Site

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