I just want to take a moment to thank Bill Searby. Bill and I met in mid 1993 at work. RCA/GE/Martin Marietta/Lockheed Martin/CPC/????. Bill and I hit it off right away. We bolth have intrests in CNC machine's and mechanical design.

One day as we were talking the subject of skiing came up. This was a sore topic for me because I missed it so much. Of all the things my disabilty prevented me from doing, not being able to ski hurt the most. Anyway Bill was up front about the whole thing. "You can do that Dude, Thay have things you can use." "Don't be such a wimp". Well that got me thinking and then a day or two later I was watching ESPN and saw the mono-skiers in the Paralympics. That was all it took. Bill was right, I can do that.

Bill and I went to some of the mountains that offered adaptive skiing. Bill was there for me. He help push my butt around he picked me up when I fell and kept building me up with confidance. He stayed by my side and helped the instructers in any way he could. He never made me feel like I was holding him up or taking him away from skiing. I never had a brother but did one better. I have a friend named Bill Searby. A True Friend.

Thanks Bill,


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