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I love to ski and this is why.
Kirsty put it best when she said:

"I wonder if people realize the restraints that I am freed from when I ski? There is no other time that I can move with such speed and agility than when I am skiing. The freedom it gives me helps be more accepting of my injury. I don't think that anyone understands this until they have (lived) it."

The winter of 1995 marked a major accomplishment for me. I skied for the first time in 14 years. I am a C6-C7 quadraparetic. I was paralyzed from a surfing accident (ocean not web) in 1981. My skiing days were over. I was watching ESPN one day, and there it was, the Monoski !
I had heard about adaptive skiing, and I just thought it was some lame answer to getting disabled people on the slope. Then I got on a monoski. Total freedom just like before, only faster.

The monoski is one of many adaptive skiing devices. Basically it has a regular width ski about 180 to 210cm long, a mono shock, and a seat. Your poles are called outriggers and they have little skis on them.

Balance is the name of this game. It is not at all as difficult as you would think. It's like riding a bike in a sense that it is easy to balance when you are moving. Did you ever try to stay in one place on a bicycle and balance yourself, not fun. But once you start to move inertia will keep you up.

It's a blast! If you know anyone who is disabled, turn them on to this.
I wish I found out about this ten years ago.

I give a special Thanks to my buddy Bill. He gave me the push I needed to get on the slopes. He was there to help in any way, and to get me to be an independent skier once again. Thanks Bill!

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