Grove Binding mounting tips


Before you can mount the binding, you must first balance out the mono-ski, so you have a reference point which will be used when placing the mono on the ski.

Sitting in the mono-ski, and using your outriggers, find the balance point by putting a dowel under the binding foot of the mono. With someone else helping to move the dowel forward and backward, find your balance point. This can be a bit tricky if it is your first time. You want a kind of teeter-totter effect when you move your body weight a small amount fore and aft from the neutral position. Once you find this point, put a mark on the binding foot at the point of contact with the dowel. (See figure 1)

Now that you have the balance point of the mono, you are ready to take some measurements and lay out the hole placement on the ski.

	1. Measure from the balance point mark on the 
	   binding foot to the center of the front bolt
	   hole on the binding foot. (See figure 1)
	2. Add one inch to the number you measured.
	   (example 8 1/4 + 1 = 9 1/4)
	3. Now take the binding "Drill Pattern Plate" and
	   find the hole pattern which matches the bottom
	   plate of the front binding. (See figure 2)
	   Then find the second set of holes from the end.
	4. From the second set of holes, measure toward the
	   center of the drill pattern plate using the 
	   number found in step number 2. (example 9 1/4)
	   At that point, put a mark on the pattern plate.
	5. This mark on the binding "Drill Pattern Plate"
	   now goes directly on top of the boot center line
	   on your ski.
	6. With the drill pattern plate in the correct place,
	   center it on the ski, side to side, and use two
	   C- clamps to hold it in place. The drill pattern 
	   plate which is provided for your use is to be used
	   only for locating and starting the holes. Once you
	   have prtially drilled all eight holes, remove the
	   plate and complete the drilling process.
	 7. Mount the bindings as per figure 3. Now put the
	    front binding cap on so the tensioning bolts are
	    in the middle of the slots. Fine tuning you balance
	    point is done from the front binding using the 
	    adjustment slots.              

Figure 1

Figure 2

Figure 3

If you are mounting to a ski with a floating boot center, click here for mounting tips.

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