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Life is good, So enjoy Life.

Why are we here??

We are here to love God and to overcome evil with love & good by the power of God, through
the Holy Spirit, who was sent as a helper by Jesus, after He (Jesus) conquered sin
and death in the flesh, then rose from the dead to give us New LIFE.

Read 1 John 5 that's first John chapter 5 just after Peter in the new testament.

He gives New Life, but you have to receive it.

There is no better joy and peace then that which comes from knowing God is with you. And more so, that God is for you. In the same way a good parent wants their children to succeed, to do good in life, be healthy, prosper, be happy, have confidence, have peace, be able to endure any bad situation and come out on top. Well that is how the God I serve feels about you and me. In the same way you would do any thing you could to help your child be happy and healthy. God will too and. Did it. He sent his own Son to die and remove the curse for man to live in total peace.

I have peace and purpose in life. The word of God (the bible) has the answers to all of life's questions and then some. To walk through this life not knowing the God who gave you this life, is like trying to sail around the world with out food or a compass. You will be scared, you will not have peace, you will be hungry and eventually you will die.

Ask your self some questions. Are you hungry for something you cant find? are you scared? do you feel total peace in your life? do you think there should be more to life then you have right now? The answer is Salvation through the Lord Jesus Christ.

Receive Jesus into your life and heart right now and be blessed.

Here is simple prayer to get you started.

"Lord Jesus, I ask you to come into my heart and my life. I can't seem to make life work on my own and I need your help. I believe you are the Son of God and that you died for my sin. Please forgive me and save me. I believe you raised from the dead on the third day. Please raise me up with you and heal me from the curse of sin. Help me to learn of you and follow you. I thank you that I am saved. Thank you Jesus, Amen!"

Did you mean that prayer? If so, and you want to follow God, you are saved. Now get your self a bible. That is the "how to" book for the human race. And start to read it. Pray first, "Lord grant to me wisdom and truth as I read your word". Find your self a church the teaches the bible. Take a new believers class if you can find one. Your life will bless many others.