Mark's skiing page

An inspiration to get out and enjoy life.

Mark waving his rigger on a steep slope.

This was his first time skiing EVER!

Dear Tom

I am a 35 year old bicycle shop owner that recently lost my leg above
the knee -sept. 96-due to bone cancer. One night while surfing I came
across your page on skiing and had my interest piqued. I had just
finished chemo jan. 1 and told my wife that if my chest ct came out
clear I would like to try and ski. Well Jan. 24 my report from the
doctor was good so jan. 25 we made reservations to go to Snowbird. Well
I have to admit Skiing gave me a complete new outlook on life, what a
BLAST! I was REALLY scared the first day but by about the 4th time down
the begginer slope I had skiing down pretty good. The second day out we
warmed up a few runs on the green slopes and then moved on to the blues,
WOW. By the end of the second day I finished up on my first black
diamond run, WHAT A RUSH! On the way up to the room that night I was in
the elevator on my crutches and a man and lady asked me if I had been
skiing the day before. I replied "yes" the lady then said "Oh, your'e
really good, how long have you been skiing?" When I told her yesterday
was the first day I had ever skied in my life you should have seen the
look on her face, LOL. She said "We better just quit then." that made me
feel SSOO good. Any way enough rambling I really wanted to just say
thanks you've been an inspiration for me. Maybe we can ski together


Mark Laytham
Ballwin Schwinn & Trek
St. Louis, MO

Skiing, skiing and having a BLAST!

One proud man at the top of the mountain.

Mark, thanks for your e-mail and pics. You are a true overcomer.
I would love to ski with you, and I have a feeling we will ski together.

I hope this page will be an inspiration to others to GET ON THE SNOW!

E-mail Mark here: Ballwin Schwinn