2000-2001Season Log Mount Snow VT

Mount Snow VT.

Day one, I picked up Gus around 4:30am and we drove up in rain, sleet and slush. We pulled into Mount snow at 9:30 AM. The adaptive ski program at mount Snow in located in the discovery center this is to the right of the clock tower if you are looking up at the mountain. Take the access road all the way up past the parking heading north. Then take a hard left and come back down toward the clock tower. The discovery center is the first building on the right. You can unload right in front. Just past the building also on the right is parking. I give the parking and adaptive office two thumbs up. The area was snow covered so that was a bit messy but not a big deal. Once inside go straight through the vestibule and through another door. The adaptive office is in front of you, the elevator is to your right and accessible bathrooms to your left. This is all within about one hundred feet of parking. Will Wohnus greeted us with a smile and a friendly hand shake as well as a nice greeting on the door. The office is well organized with all the equipment needed to cater to any disability. AbilityPLUS Inc. is the organization that has the adaptive program at Mount Snow as well as other mountains in New England. After some chatting and equipment review we took to the snow. There is a small triple in front of the learning center that will take you up about one hundred yards. Then you can ski right down to a quad that will take you about half way up the mountain. From this lift you can access most of the other lifts that go to the summit. The summit lift was closed due to high winds, so we skied a few runs and headed to the north face. Most of the trails were closed on North, but we found some great runs to carve up. After lunch we hooked up with Al and skied some runs with him. By the end of the day we skied 10,690 vertical feet in 10 runs.

Day two, I brought the other Grove in to test the mono-boot I made special for it. Will took one look at this machine and wanted to try it. We skied a few runs and Will wanted to switch back to his mono with a lower center of gravity. I jumped into the Grove to check it out. I liked it. It took a run or two to get use to the body position, but it was cool. A little nose heavy in the air, but a lot of fun. Al was working out a bucket problem with his Hall Beast. Will took us around the mountain and showed some of the rollers and other fun spots. Again a lot of trails were closed. This was the week after President's week holiday and we ascertained the groomers were given a few days off. Good for them, bad for us. Most of the trails that were opened were in great shape, some were icy but not bad at all. For the most Mount Snow is an intermediate mountain. Great for family fun. But there are some trails on the north that can keep your blood pumping. After lunch Al got in the Grove to get some unhindered skiing time, and he did. We skied all over the mountain and racked up over 7,000 feet of vertical in five runs. Here is a pic of the gang, Will, Myself and Al, on the run called Lodge. The lifts closed so it was time to call it a day, and a good one at that.

Day three. We arrive at the adaptive office just after nine AM. This was going to be the day to get some video in the park. We hit the snow just before 10:00am. The conditions were in our favor this day. Some sun peeking through the clouds and it was not so cold. We skied a few runs to warm up and then headed for the park. There are a few parks on Mount Snow, we skied Un Blano Gulch park. It has some nice jumps and a sweet table top. I got some of the biggest air of my life. Al and Will also joined in on the air raid. I was skiing my RPC with a Volkl P40 F1 183cm. Al was in the Grove race model with a head cyber cross 190cm and Will was skiing his Hall MT Extreme with a Rosi. Viper 177cm. After getting some video of a few runs through the park we ditched the camera and took to the slopes to rack up some vertical. After lunch Gus and I were on our own So we headed to the north face for the steeps. We took a wrong turn and wound up on a flat green. But we did make it the diamond section of Mount Snow again most of the trails were closed. We ripped it up and got last chair at 4:00. We hooked up with Will To recap the day and a little after five we were on our way south to Hunter.

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