The mission of the New England Disabled Ski Team:

To create a new breed of disabled skiers through race training and cutting edge teaching techniques. To be the first disabled ski team in the East and therefore, the first outlet for many regional skiers to advance their skill level as well as attract skiers from around the country. The high quality of coaching and challenging Eastern conditions will allow us to create disabled ski racers better prepared for entrance onto the US Disabled Ski Team and international levels of competition than our Western counterparts. To have as its cornerstone education, rather than competition and, in doing so, to give back to the sport of skiing by conducting race camps (two per year) and clinics for instructors (at all cooperative New England disabled ski programs). Through participation in these clinics, the skill levels of instructors at these programs will markedly improve. To provide approximately 100 days of weekly training, create a six event Eastern Race Series at areas whose programs are members of the NEDST at LOON, as well as bring a team to the US Nationals. And, lastly, to insure that the East continue as a leader in disabled skiing and instruction in the United States and as a pioneer in helping persons with physical disabilities master the mountain and themselves through the NEDST at LOON credo: "Any time, Any place, Any condition."