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Final dates, facts and figures are still pending.

As we crest the wave into the 21st century, 1999/2000 looks to be very promising. Here is an update for what we have in store for participating racers this season: · A coaching staff headed up by 10 year US Ski Team A Team veteran, Paralympic, World, and National Champion Christopher Devlin-Young · Agreements with the able-bodied race programs at participating training sites to "piggy back" our training with theirs, gaining access to their race facilities, timing and gates · Adaptive ski programs from Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont working in cooperation to make the NEDST at Loon thrive · Home base at one of the largest adaptive ski programs in New England, The White Mountain Adaptive Ski School at Loon Mountain, NH · A 10 event race series through-out the season—including three able-bodied NHARA races using the Golden Rule of points seeding for disabled racers as well as giving factored times · Low-cost seasonal membership dues as well as daily coaching fees available, all which include lift tickets for days trained. · An accessible van available for travel to races and clinics · Training days housing for racers who live outside the region NOW ALL WE NEED IS YOU……THE RACERS!!!! Training Schedule: (all held at Loon unless otherwise noted) · Training every week-end, commencing Nov. 27th · On a daily basis: January 15-17th, NH School Winter Holiday Period (TBD), February 19-27th · Coach Chris will be conducting a Christmas camp as well as a pre-Nationals "Hail Mary" training camp in late February/early March. Look for upcoming info on that. · In addition to week-ends and holidays, we will be holding training at least two days midweek through-out the season--based upon racer interest—so speak up and be ready to commit!!! · College or prep school racers with a long winter break who want to train daily should arrange that with Chris as soon as possible. · Additionally, Chris is in discussions with Waterville Valley’s coaches about continuing his work with the development race team participants. All those interested call Coach Chris @ 603.726.0098 · Training sessions run from 8:30 am-11:30 and 12:30-3:00 pm ****NEDST at Loon's Motto: Anytime, anywhere, any condition!**** (Page Two) Race and Events Series: The following race and event series is in place. All racers interested in attending events must contact Coach Chris as soon as possible. January 2nd,3rd Disabled Level I Race GS/SL Attitash NH January 29th Able bodied NHARA Race GS Gunstock NH January 30th (Tent) Disabled Level I Race GS Loon NH February 13th Able-bodied NHARA Race GS Sunapee NH February 26 or 27th (Tent)Disabled Level I Race GS Sugarbush VT March 4th Disabled Level I Race GS Bretton Woods NH March 5-12 Disabled US Nationals DH/SGS/GS/SL Site TBD March 11th Disabled Level I Race GS Pico VT March 15-17th Eastern Reg’ls Level II Race SGS/GS/SL Waterville Valley NH March 19th Able-bodied NHARA Race GS Waterville Valley NH (In addition there will be fundraisers, fun races and teaching clinic opportunities at participating mountains through-out the season) A REMINDER: The NHARA races will have factored times and seeding accommodations for disabled racers. They will be "points" races, and will be the only two Eastern opportunities to get your points low enough to qualify for Nationals in March. For those who dream of going to Nationals, training prior to those races as much as possible (and attendance at them) is crucial. Since they will be attended by able-bodied college racers, they will be very good chances to lower your points considerably simply by completing both runs. Membership Fees: Seasonal Dues have been set at 500 dollars for the entire season. This includes up to five days of training a week (seven during holidays), lift tickets on all training days, equipment storage and, for those who travel out of region, housing provided by hosts within the White Mountain Adaptive Ski School’s family. Daily training fees are set at 50 dollars a day and include lift tickets. What if I can’t afford those prices? Since this is a new operation, The White Mountain Adaptive Ski School at Loon (as well as all other participating adaptive programs) allow for exceptions to the pricing structure. They are willing to work out a payment plan, sliding scale and other such options to those who truly are in need of a price break. Please contact WMASS Executive Director Mary Lane at 508.477.4086 (until Nov. 25th) or 603.745.6281 x 5663 (winter) to discuss. What if I have already paid for race training with another program? We are currently discussing a reciprocity agreement between participating programs to allow racer cross-over from one program to another so that everyone benefits from the cooperative spirit of this venture at little or no additional expense. What about Equipment?: All participants are expected to provide their own equipment, and have it in "race-ready" shape. Loaners may be available (on a first-come, first served basis) in case of emergency repairs to damaged equipment. What is expected of the Racers?: All skiers wishing to race or race train must be able to do so without the use of a ski buddy, except for blind skiers who use guides. All skiers must be of intermediate to advanced ability, who can load and unload independently. No prior race experience necessary—just a desire to learn and to become the best (and safest) skier you can be. Sign Me Up!: Please call Coach Chris at 603.726.0098 to sign up or for additional information.