No Freeze Technical Tips

Outrigger Solution

Don't you hate when your outrigger gets clogged with snow and will not lock in the up position. You flip it up, put some pressure on it and slip, trip, drop, down you go. Well here is a good tip. Get some Lock De-Icer or white lithium grease. You can find it in the auto section.

Lock De-Icer is small and you can keep it in your pocket. I load up the rigger joint and pin hole with the lithium grease every other week. And I keep the de-icer with me. Especially when teaching for other equipment. It is not a cure all, but it does help!

Also a 7/16 open end wrench works great for popping out the ice that builds up in the hole.

Stat Warm Keep skiing

Keeping warm is paramount to maximizing your number of runs out on the slopes. For me, Itís my hands. Once they are cold I am done. The gloves I use have a zip in liner. I also ware the thin liners as well. The thin liner provides protection as I strap in to my equipment. This is when my hands are most vulnerable to the cold.

Thank God for Heat Max . I put the Heat Max HotHands-2 in between my glove and the zip in liner. I insert it and hour or so before I hit the slops to let my gloves heat up. When you slip your hands in your gloves it is like putting your hand under an electric blanket. The HotHands-2 will last all day.

My feet are another problem, but with my lack of hot and cold sensation I might not know how cold I really am until I actually touch my skin with my fingers. I do have sensation and when my feet get cold I feel pain and will start to have spasms. I started using Heat Max Toasti Toes and it helped. Then I started using The Foot Warm-Up and the pain stopped. I use the Foot Warm-Up with the Feet Heat Socks that have a pocket to hold the warm-up. I wear a thin sock then the Feet Heat Sock and I am good to go all day even on the coldest days. On the really cold days I will even keep the Body Warmer in my inner coat pocket. These are some great products that I highly recommend.
You can find HEATMAX in the hunting section of Wal-Mart.

This product can burn you if it is in direct contact with your ski. That is why I ware another layer under the warm up sock.

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