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John Davis

This machine is the new Cobra A.C.E. (attitude control equipment) and I'm the (attitude control expert) ha nice huh?. The system allows me to control body roll during cornering and anticipate obstacles coming at me on the trail. This machine is not currently available to the public, but the technology has far reaching implications in the wheelchair world. Last season was the testing year for the ACE and it outperformed my expectations.

This machine follows my guidelines for a perfect off road chariot.
1. have to be able to propel yourself up short steep climbs and accelerate on flats.
2. be compact enough to maneuver tight turns and narrow trails.
3. be stable at speed and corner like a Porsche.
4. all while soaking up the bumps with a good suspension.

I'm getting an early start due to a poor snow year here in Colorado and will be campaigning the Norba National championship races with the ACE in 2000. The above photo was taken in a training sesion on my track near Vail, CO on 4-20-2000.

Press Release.may 22, 2000

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