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Terri has a RANT!
I'm bummed, the only adaptive ski program I can find in Oregon is in Eugene,
and I'm in Portland! Can someone tell me how to start a program? Or is there
one hiding somewhere? I LOVE to Bi-ski, and I must ski! However, I seriously
doubt that I can convince my boss to let me have Fridays off, so I can drive
down to Eugene and ski! Please help if you can!

Thanks for listening,
E-mail or call Terri here, 503-222-7814

I hear you Terri!
A lot of e-mail comes my way with your same rant. No adaptive ski program near by.
Well you have the right idea to try and start one! On a good note. Every year more adaptive
ski programs start, hopefully, there will be one at every mountain. Or at least adaptive rental
equipment. If anyone knows of any programs near Portland, or wishes to start one contact Terri.
Let me know also and I will post the program on sitski.com
Be Blessed and ski safe.

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