"On my way down"
"The Wall" dive in the Bahamas.

Welcome to my scuba page. I am new to the aquatic realm. Scuba diving is something I always wanted to do but never got around to it untill now. I had a vacation to the Bahamas planned, so it seemed the best time to get certified. I took private lessons from Master Insructor and old friend Robert Thompson, Jr. Bob had worked with the disabled in the past and was willing to test my abilties to PADI standards. I passed the swim test and was ready for scuba lessons.

I found the lesson to be easy and fun, I don't like book work but is was not very hard and it is very interesting. Next is Advanced Open Water.

I finished up my Advanced Open Water with a night dive at Dutch Springs.

If you are in NJ and need a dive buddy send me some e-mail.

I went on four dives with Bahama Divers
"The Blue Hole", "Shark Reef", "The Wall" and "Light House Reef".

If you want to go on some great dives in Mass.

Call Russ Marine Services

Capt. Douglas E. Currier.

Shop: 508-532-3373, Home: 508-535-3067

I did four dives off the Donna III with Capt. Doug, and they where great.

Information in New Jersey
Ed Bogaert @ New Jersey Council of Dive Clubs, 201-226-4477.

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