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Taking the DIS out of disABILITY

PADI SCUBA Dive with Bahama Divers

On my way down
"The Wall" dive in the Bahamas.

Welcome to my SCUBA page. I am new to the aquatic realm. SCUBA Self Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus diving is something I always wanted to do. I had a vacation in the Bahamas planned, so it seemed the best time to get certified.
I took private lessons from Master Insructor and old friend Robert Thompson Jr. Bob had worked with a disabled in the past and was willing to test my abilties to PADI standards.
On a side note Robert Thompson Jr. Mr. Thompson introduced me to the sport of SKIING
Well I passed the swim test and was ready for SCUBA lessons.
I found the lessons to be challenging very interesting and fun.
I passed Open Water in no time and worked my Advanced Open Water with night dives at Dutch Springs.

By the time I went on vacation in the Bahamas I was PADI Certified for Open Water
and one dive away from Advanced Open Water.

I went on four dives with Bahama Divers
"The Blue Hole", "Shark Reef", "The Wall" and "Light House Reef"
It was an AMAZING time!
I finnished my Advanced Open Water Certification
with a 120 ft. deep dive @ "The Wall" with Bahama Divers

My Bahama SCUBA Video

I also went on some great SCUBA dives in Cape Ann Massachusetts