Take care of your Kidneys

Take care of your Kidneys

01-19-2001, Head's up, Don't get Stoned!

A few weeks back I was feeling some back pain, left side, kidney area. I noticed my urine was a little cloudy so I went to the doctor. It was a bladder infection and I got a prescription for an antibiotic. My urine did clear up but the pain did not go away. After another week or so I knew something was wrong. The pain escalated I could not keep food down so I went to the emergency at my local hospital. My whole left side (flank) was tight in pain and in spasm. Now a few months ago around August I passed a kidney stone. It was horrific pain, again, my whole left flank was tight and in spasm. This time it was different. The pain and spasm was not as horrific as when I passed the stone. I felt that something was blocking something. I went to the hospital on Friday morning Jan. 19 2001 about 8:30am, At 10:26 I was admitted. A CAT scan reviled huge stones blocking my left ureter and other stones in my kidney, and still others in my right kidney. My left kidney was larger then normal and possibly ruptured from the building pressure. For all practical prepossess my left kidney had shut down. It took all day to get a diagnosis. Here is where the fun of medical bureaucratic BS starts. The ER doc. tells me the news and lets me know they should relieve the pressure ASAP. Me, having an understanding of high pressure and no release valve agreed. I think I told him to "get the knife, and let's do it". He asked me If I had a Urologist. I replied yes but his would be fine. I told him I have no loyalty to any doctor, the man who can get the job done is fine with me. Then I hear these over educated clowns bickering over steeling patients and who has privileges in this hospital or that. I let him know. Don't move me, use your staff urologist, and lets get this done. Well to the PHD mind common sense is most always ruled out. I learned that working in the air and space industry. They call my doctor who I had not seen in five years, the reason all this happened in the first place. 11:30 PM Friday I made it out of ER and to my hospital room. On Saturday my Doctor came in to give me the plan of attack.

He wanted a renal scan of my kidneys to check their function. Then he would put a catheter (stent) in to bypass the blockage. Then other scans to follow in a few weeks to check the progress of the kidney function. If the function improves then we switch to removing the stones. If the function does not improve then remove the kidney. Not the kind of options I like, but the ones I have to face. The thought makes me cry. Why! What is the deal with stones? Where did they come from? Why do I have so many and how did they get so big? What is a sign that they are there? Can we prevent them? I have heard different things from different doctors. One thing is for sure. If I had kept up with my annual urological exam I would not be in this position. My web site has always been about living and learning. So now as I live it, you can learn. I found some good answers here, and some other information here. One doctor told me that the pressure on the bones from sitting all the time can cause calcium to release in the blood and filter in the kidney, building stones. Maybe this is why people in wheelchairs are prone to getting kidney stones. If you are more active, adding more pressure then others perhaps the stone growth can increase. In my case I have not been to my urologist in five years and I have been skiing my hardest in those five years. The stones got so big that it blocked my left kidney and shut it down. Now with the blockage by passed I pray for God to do His work and touch my kidney. If you pray, please pray for me. If you have not had a check up by your urologist please do so soon. We can be active, but we need to be on top of our game as well. I have felt the best ever in these past five years. Yet with in a time bomb was ticking and it just went off. Totally unexpected and with out warning. I have faith that God will bless and heal me again, and this too shall pass. And through this experience I will learn some things and maybe help someone catch a potential problem before it gets out of hand. In the mean time it's life as usual. I will back off on my aggressive skiing and do the hard stuff. The hard stuff is going back to level 2,3,4,5 skiing. I might be taking my level 1 exam this year so I will be working on that. Bumps and big air can wait until this kidney is working the way God intended it to work. See you on the Hill, ski safe, have an annual check up and Be Blessed.

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