Strange R&D; F1 Sit Ski
Strange R&D F1 Sit Ski

Introduces the F1 Sit Ski
Strange R&D F1 Mono-ski
Available for the first time to the general public. Originally designed and built to satisfy the racer’s need for a bullet-proof sit ski that is able to withstand 100km runs & 20’ drops with ease. After 6 years of research and development, 10 units destructively tested, national and international medals won by Canadian and American sit skiers, we are confident that our sit ski will surpass all others in performance and durability.

The entire sit ski is constructed from 6061 T6 Aluminum.

The minimalistic design, incorporating large sealed bearings (1) for the front pivot virtually eliminates maintenence and ensures a rigid trouble free frame.

The adjustable seat and foot retainer (2) will accommodate skiers from 5’ to 6’+.

The shock (3) is adjustable for skiers ranging from 100lbs to well over 200lbs.

The billit aluminum foot plate (4) mimics a size 10 ski boot and locks into any standard ski binding, allowing quick and easy ski changes.

This sit ski will be available directly from Strange R&D; starting in October. Contact us at:

(403) 762-5003
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Fax (403) 762-5860

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