Mono-ski Suspension Review

Mono-ski Suspension Review

This is a mono-ski suspension review. I have been getting some inquiries about mono-ski suspension. Let's work together on this and post some useful information on the available suspension on the market today.

This is an interactive web site. If you have a shock that you would like to review, please do so here.In subject line put suspension review. In your review of the shock also list the type of mono or bi-ski you use.

Works Performance

Works Performance, on the Freedom Factory RPC. This is a gas charged shock. The charge helps to keep the fluid in the shock stable as it heats up with use. A dual spring configuration with a cross over ring allows dialing in a great match for your weight and skiing stile. It also has an adjustable pre load to help maximize performance. I am very impressed with the shock. Very smooth, lots of strength. Shock is to be mounted shaft side down.

I also tested the Works Performance shock with the adjustable rebound damping. This adjustment allows you to control how fast the shaft of the shock comes back out of the shock body after being compressed. I found it to be a bit awkward trying to adjust the shock on the fly on snow. There is a set screw adjustment at the base of the shock that has sixteen clicks. With the screw all the way in the shock will rebound very slow. With the screw open to it's full the shock rebounds like most other shocks. With the rebound set slow I had a problem loading the chair lift. As I lifted up to get on the chair the shock was still compressed and the rebound setting would not let the ski come down right away so the tail of my ski came up with my lift and went over the back of the safety bar. It got ugly. I personally like a quick return from my shock, so I set the shock at it's most open or fastest return position. On the other hand, if I was racing it would be great to prevent or dampen any unwanted rebound. Shock is to be mounted shaft side down.

Works web site here

Progressive Suspension

Progressive suspension 12 series shock is found on the Shadow. It has a pressurized damper and a five position per-load setting. Must be used mounted with the shaft side up. The shock can be fitted with straight rate, duel rate or progressive rate springs. Very stromg and good working shock.

Progressive web site here

The Carrera

The Carrera GRV-4 is found on the Grove. It has a three way adjustable damper with a threaded body for maximum pre-load adjustment. Must be used with the shaft side up. It is a good idea to have the shock reconditioned every other season or when you notice a decline in performance

Carrera web site here

Fox Shocks

Need Review, please post one if your use Fox Shocks on your mono or bi-ski.

Fox web site here

Penske Shocks

Need Review, please post one if your use Fox Shocks on your mono or bi-ski.

Penske web site here