Technical Tips For Mono-skis

Technical Tips For Mono-skis

The Save a run kit will help you on the hill.

You will need to maintain your equipment over the course of the season. Here you will find some tips for the Grove and the Shadow. Please fell free to contribute any additional information.

The Shadow Pivot bolt can get lose and cause poor motion transfer to the snow. This is a 7/16 nylon lock not under the snap on cover at the very front of the frame. Keep it tight. Also check all seat bolts.

The Grove skid plate allows the mono to slide on and off the chair lift. The screws can get lose and cause you to hand up in the lift. Keep the screws clean and tight. The down struts at the frame can work lose. you need to check them and keep them tight. The seat bolts should be checked and tighten as well as the down struts binding plate bolts.

Check all your straps for signs of wear and if so replace them. Keep the ski itself well tuned and waxed. It is our responsibility to ski safe, and we should desire to achieve a level of excellence. Keep your equipment clean, well maintained and safe. It will provide you a better day on the hill and intrigue others to take part.

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