Torso & Shoulder Support

Torso/Shoulder Support

Why you should get a Torso/Shoulder Support.

If you are T-12 and up, you will love the upper body support that you will get. The torso belt fits snug to your body and is reinforced so that it will not bunch up under your ribs. Also the shoulder straps keep the torso belt in place and help you return to the neutral ski position. The elasticity of the two working together provide all the support you need and aid your body movements while skiing.

Seat Belt

This belt is the seat best I've found. It is 2" wide with a small low profile buckle. There are no pressure points form the buckle and when you are buckled down YOU DON'T MOVE. I love it. I ski all day and never have to adjust my belts. I offer two size belts.

Evacuation Strap

v Evacuation Strap. This is a two strap's, double protection of woven tube nylon. It is looped at both ends and double stitched. Colors, Red, Black, Purple and blue.

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