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We all know about the many benefits of getting out for a tow behind a boat. The thrills and the spills. The challenge and exhilaration. The satisfaction of accomplishment. So why aren't water sport activities more accessible to those with a disability? Typically our sport has not been pursued by those with a physical or intellectual impairment because it is not adequately promoted to these populations and because those who operate ski docks are unaware of how to make their services more appropriate for those who require some type of adaptation so that they can get involved.

Water Ski Canada is taking steps to change this. We want to see that our sport is more available to everyone who is interested, regardless of his or her level of ability. This summer a qualified course conductor will visit two or three provinces to deliver a comprehensive instructor clinic and on water demonstration opportunities for persons with different types of disabilities. The Level I Instructors' Manual is now available to provide leaders with the fundamentals of adapted water sports. Water Ski Canada also has an easy-to-use sit-ski for people with mobility difficulties that you can rent at a VERY reasonable cost.

If you are an instructor, a skier, or any person with a stake in seeing that our great sport is more available to those with a disability, please get in touch with your provincial water ski body to learn what we have up our sleeves. You can also contact one of the Water Ski Canada adapted water sports experts to get more details about what is available through the national office. Dave Richter of Ski for All Watersports Clinics is available at ski4all@istar.ca and Chris Bourne from the Active Living Alliance for Canadians with a Disability can be reached at chris@ala.ca. If you are interested obtaining more information, contact Water Ski Canada at 613-526-0685 or Janelle@waterski.ca.

Get in touch. Spread the word. We all want to see the exciting activity of water skiing made more available to EVERYONE in our community, regardless of his or her level of ability! You can play a part in making it happen.

Chris Bourne
Partnerships Manager
Active Living Alliance for Canadians with a Disability
Phone: (613) 244-0052 or 1-800-771-0663, extension 26
Check us out at www.ala.ca

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